I don't understand :(

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I don't understand :(

Postby Jackson » 08 Apr 2014 14:41

Can someone please help?

I have been having these very strange dreams in which I am running. But the odd thing is that I run very slowly and always lose (in a race). However, I recently, without thinking about it got down on all fours while running and instantly sped ahead of however I was running From. And no I am not a dog. Feel free to post anything you think on this because well I am very :?: thanks :D

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Re: I don't understand :(

Postby TillyPink » 07 May 2014 23:32

It's typically hard to run in dreams...you are not alone! The getting down on all fours i think is a way your unconscious in trying to overcome this...it is an illusion, of course, but that doesn't matter...it is a means of learning and advancing. Although we use lucidity to overcome these issues, of course it is still possible to overcome issues of this kind in deep dream, as if we wake and think..'Oh why does this or that always happen??' our unconscious selves get to work in resolving. My son had the exact same thing with running. He needed to run often to get away from something or someone in repetitive dreams. And although non-lucid, he was able to find a new way. For him it was to imagine that the ground was moving fast under his feet...like a tread mill. And ever since he almost skims the surface and runs fast. Of course, mwa haha, perhaps the next step is to get lucid and ... stop running... and face what is chasing you (or him, he did it successfully to over come a nightmare, faced his attacker) but...hmm...if you just wanna win a race...enjoy zipping along like a greyhound why don't you! :D

Uvita Henville
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Re: I don't understand :(

Postby Uvita Henville » 02 Jun 2014 22:23

Hi Jackson,

The best way to find out what this dream means for you is to sit and write down what running means to you and being chased, and also the other things which happened in your dream like the fact that you sped ahead of your attacker. Ask yourself what each of these mean to you and then write down the first response that comes into your head. Best to do this after you just wake up, so you best remember the events of your dreams. Your unconscious mind always gives you the answer.

Love Uvita.

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Re: I don't understand :(

Postby taniaaust1 » 03 Jun 2014 12:34

However, I recently, without thinking about it got down on all fours while running and instantly sped ahead of however I was running From

Good sign. I think it shows you've found a way to overcome an issue you had.

I cant think now of the various symbolism of legs, that would be a clue in how you overcame the issue.
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