Repeated false awakenings turned semi-lucid, turned bizarre

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Repeated false awakenings turned semi-lucid, turned bizarre

Postby rallynochaos » 09 Apr 2014 09:52

The following took place in a single night's sleep. Sorry it's so long, but after 12 hours of being awake, much of it is still very clear, and I assure you it's very odd.

First round of false awakenings: Hotel Panic
Until last night I have never experienced a false awakening, but had many, probably at least 10, in a row. In every dream I awoke in a different looking hotel room, sometimes alone, sometimes with people. In one case I was with an old girlfriend, in another case I was splitting a two-bed hotel room with a friend in a business setting - maybe a conference or interview. Every hotel room was different and in every case I was panicking about losing my credit card immediately after awakening - presumably misplacing it the night before.

At one point, somewhere near the middle of the series, I said to myself that this must be a dream and pinched myself, only to immediately end that dream and awake in the next hotel thinking the previous hotel was just a dream and that I had entered reality, until I again found I was missing my credit card. I'm not sure if this actually qualifies as lucid considering I wasn't aware I was dreaming until after the one dream ended and the next began, but the whole process was very surreal.

Interlude dream between false awakenings: Terrorist Nurse Sex-Tease
After experiencing this 10 or more times, I had a completely unrelated dream that I was trapped in a laundromat with a crazy, but attractive, female doctor who had released a poison outside the laundromat killing everyone. I told her that since we were stuck together we might as well have sex, but a lawn worker cutting the grass outside the windows kept peeping through the window distracting us every time we were about to start - I have no idea why he wasn't dead from the poison, and I do not believe I have ever actually stepped inside a laundromat.

Repeating scenarios: Shoplifting at Wal-Mart
I then had a serious of 3 repeating dreams, all the same general storyline but all somewhat different. I can't remember how any single one ended but they all started with me in my underwear outside a Wal-Mart. In them all my goal for entering Wal-Mart was to find clothes. In the first I could not find any pants my size or a jacket I liked, so I just grabbed a random jacket and attempted to walk out of the store with it. Before walking through the exit I made the conscious decision that I wanted to steal the jacket - not because I didn't have any money (which I did not) but just because I wanted to steal. The alarm in the store went off and I walked over to the customer service desk, handed them the jacket, and walked out.

In the next dream the exact same scenario took place, but once I handed the jacket over to customer service, another customer started telling me that what I tried to do was wrong, followed me out into the parking lot, and got into the passenger seat of mt car while saying she couldn't let me get away with it regardless of if Wal-Mart didn't care. She then proceeded to pee in the bushes next to my car and I told her that a woman who pees outside has no right to judge me.

In the next dream, I again was in Wal-Mart with the same jacket, but before walking out my mother stopped me inside the store. She said a child had handed her some keys and that she thought they could get us access into the back-rooms at Wal-Mart after hours - presumably to steal merchandise. So I dropped the jacket, took the keys, and hurried outside the store. I was paranoid that Wal-Mart's staff had seen me with the keys, so as I approached my car, I through them over a hedge next a busy side-road, figuring I would drive around and pick them up from the other side. The keys hit a homeless guy on the other side of the hedge and he through them back over the hedge, except they then landed on another homeless guy on my side of the hedge. He picked up the keys, looked at me, and walked away.

I rarely stay at hotels (a few days a year max), have never been in a laundromat, and have never shoplifted. When I finally woke up - after what felt like several weeks worth of dreaming - I felt like WTF. The night leading into them was completely average and I have no idea what spawned this.

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Re: Repeated false awakenings turned semi-lucid, turned biza

Postby HAGART » 11 Apr 2014 08:45

I don't know what spawned it either. Did you have a lack of sleep for a few days prior (even if not the night before but perhaps within a few days earlier that week) because REM dream rebound can do that. It's when you miss out on dreams for a few days and it comes back with a vengeance and you get hours of dreams. (They're fun though, and I use the word, 'vengeance', playfully).

I can relate to this and know the feeling of a dream, that seems to be a whole other day/week, in which everything that can possibly go wrong does. It's the Murphy's Law of dreams. There's often no solution in a dream even when one becomes lucid and tries to solve it. You couldn't get away with shoplifting and something was always hindering you and there's a peeping tom when you try to get intimate with a sexy nurse too. Muphy's Law of dreams is a pain.

REM rebound for me spawns many false awakenings too. I get those all the time, and know what it's like.

I can't interpret other people's dreams, but just saying I'm in the same boat. It's a well described account of dreams, and I'll see what others say, sleep on it, and maybe I'll have more to say tomorrow. But ask yourself if it was possibly REM rebound at all.
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Re: Repeated false awakenings turned semi-lucid, turned biza

Postby taniaaust1 » 12 Apr 2014 12:54

rallynochaos wrote:Until last night I have never experienced a false awakening, but had many, probably at least 10, in a row.

I myself rarely ever have a false awakening but if I do, it will often have lots in a row. I think I had about 6-7 one day. It was very disturbing to have so many like this in a row. (I thought I'd woke up in real life each time). If you start doing that, get yourself to reality check as soon as you think you've woken up.

Every hotel room was different and in every case I was panicking about losing my credit card immediately after awakening - presumably misplacing it the night before.

This could represent that you have financial concerns in real life (worry about accessing money).

laundromats may represent that you want to clean up something in your life or need to clean something up. Of cause they are related to the symbolism of "clothes" and whatever that represents in your case. So this dream isnt separate from the others which were about the same subject eg wanting to steal clothes.

To try to work out the meaning behind these dreams you can put them together and study them as if they were one, allowing each to give clues for what the symbols are refering too.

Usually characters in dreams represent parts of yourself (thou not always). So with the dr, could represent a part of yourself which is supposed to help you but instead is acting crazy (using poison) and doing the wrong thing. Maybe this is what a part of you is wanting or needing to clean up, the harmful way you've been acting towards yourself? Doing something not good towards yourself?

Lawn cutter cutting grass... well that is an act of cleaning up too! You seem thou to want to have fun (sex). The worker peeping throu the window and distracting you from your fun .. seems to be your subconciousness saying "no" to fun. Possibly another way of trying to tell you, there are other things you probably should be doing instead eg maybe clean up your act.

Windows separate inside from outside.. so it was showing the different parts of yourself on the different sides of the window (the side which wants to clean up and the side which didnt).

they all started with me in my underwear outside a Wal-Mart.

That could be indicating being exposed.. eg being exposed to yourself. Part of you is looking at the other part and judging. You dont seem to like this exposure thou and just want to cover up in an irresponsible way (by stealing the clothes).

before walking through the exit I made the conscious decision that I wanted to steal the jacket - not because I didn't have any money (which I did not) but just because I wanted to steal

Interestingly this seems to completely fit with what this dream seems to be saying so far. Wanting to do something fun (steal), (so this symbol is saying the same kind of thing as the sex did about you wanting to put your own pleasures before other things, not caring about if sensible or not).

The alarm went off

yeah of cause it did :) that once again is the responsible side of yourself way of trying to stop you. Seems you have two sides of yourself in a battle!! (this is why the customer in your dream also told you what you were doing was wrong).

while saying she couldn't let me get away with it regardless of if Wal-Mart didn't care.

Once again..the two sides of yourself in battle. The Wal-Mart "not caring' is representing your irresponsible side (symbolised by the part who wants sex in a public place with a crazy woman you dont know and the part who wants to steal).

The lady in the carpark telling you you were wrong is a very interesting symbol (DC) as she then goes on to represent in the same symbol/DC the two parts of you... she does that by peeing in that carpark.. an irresponsible act and this time you swap rules and judge her. Once again this shows this dream is about 2 sides of yourself battling with each other about how you should be acting ... responsible? irresponsible?

Its like your guiding parts are confused (as you get your "mother" who should be wise.. wanting to steal with you.... the mother is expressing symbolism as the dr symbol did earlier). Without a mother guiding you well or a dr (authority figures) acting irresponsibility..seems you wont have anything to reliablely lead you in the right direction. So it will be hard to stop whatever you are doing (this is further expressed in your dream with what you later do with the "key").

paranoid that Wal-Mart's staff had seen me
You either do not want to closely see what you are doing eg you dont want to take a close look at your actions or you are doing something in your life which you are worried about others noticing (so this ties in with the not wanting to be exposed eg not liking being in your underwear and wanting to buy clothes).

Seems your issue isnt going to be easy to solve (you threw away the keys!). (Keys often symbolise solutions or being able to enter a new place in your life).

Ignore all I said if it doesnt feel right. (I suspect it you may not want to take on board what Im saying this dream seems to mean as you "do not want to be exposed" to possibly yourself eg may not want to look and see your own actions. You want no trouble, you just want fun). Your subconciousness seems to have tried extremely hard to try to get the message across to you (hence all the dream repeats).

I think this dream is a message to you. Did you notice that in this dream the irresponsible acts didnt pay eg you ended up couldnt take the clothes and had to return and you didnt have a good sexual time with that woman. It seems to be a message to not be irresponsible and to clean up your act. Unfortunately its not going to be easy.

This dreams irresponsible behaviour.. could be due to being irresponsible with money! (seeing you were loosing your credit card at the start of the dream it could be symbolising this is all about money or "credit").
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