SunFlower the newb

Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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SunFlower the newb

Postby SurelySunFlower » 16 Apr 2014 20:16

So I guess this is an introduction. Well I'm SunFlower and I'm just gonna jump on in.
I had a hardcore southern Pentecostal upbringing, thankfully my mother got out of that while I was still in high school. Yet my family and I are very connected and spiritually aware because of that. The thing that got me into all this lucid dreaming was two years ago I was in a coma for 10 days (when I awoke I was paralyzed though my nerves grew back I had to learn to walk again so lots of PT and my brain was basically goop) In my coma I remember looking down at my body on a table and doctors were shoving something down my throat I screamed for them to stop but they wouldn't. The thing they were shoving down my throat happened to be a ventilator it hurt like hell and damaged me badly. I was 17 when this happened. Through hard work I managed to graduate high school and move 5 hours away from home for college. I actually became very unspiritual after this. I was atheist and very angry at the world. it stayed that way until I was 19 and started hanging out with all these dirty hippies and decided to go to school for massage. At massage school I studied polarity. Polarity is my favorite and I would like to strengthen my knowledge in that. Up until just recently I had never remembered any of my dreams, except foggy memories of dreams I had in polarity sessions in school. My Friend recently told me to tell myself before I go to bed to remember every time I lay my hand down on a surface in my dream. I did that and ever since I've been crazy dreaming. The first one I was waking children up in their dream because they were in comas. The last dream I had, had a lot of my personal life in it and it was rewarding on level where I got to be with people I can't be with right now. However through the dream I was trying to find someone, someone who was in my dream last night. I with other people in my dream were trying to find him because he's a murder. This is all very odd. Its a person I've never met but he keeps showing up in my dream. I keep on wanting to cry thinking about it. When I awoke from this dream I was still exhausted and just had the feeling of fear going through my entire body. I have still yet to be able to fully become conscious in my dream. so thats something I'm working on. So yeah.

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Re: SunFlower the newb

Postby JonSnowLD » 19 Apr 2014 21:30

Hey welcome to the forum-good luck in becoming lucid! :)
it sounds like your dreams are pretty vivid already! ;)
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Re: SunFlower the newb

Postby TillyPink » 21 Apr 2014 01:43

Wow SunFlower what a life story so far. You have been through so much. I really hope that you can explore lucid dreaming as an way to help you open up the ideas you have discovered, and to understand better your dreamworld and the emotional impact it has. Welcome and all the very best. Tilly

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