Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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Postby TheLonelyWolfie » 20 Apr 2014 00:11

otay, i think lucid dreaming is fascinating, but I can't quite get it down. (really) long story short, 16, computer programmer, i do (or did) have lucid dreams, but didn't even know it for a long time, i found out whai it was, but didn't think that was what was going on. they usually (sorta) followed the laws of physics, no flying or anything but a lot of things happened that i couldn't do in real life. the part that really fascinates me though is that whenever i have a dream of a place i've never been before, it never truly goes away, it becomes a part of my world, and i can go back to it at any time, if i tried i could probably draw a pretty good map of it, there are a few parts that pop up often and i can remember easily, others not so much, and if i ever have a nightmare that i can't fix, i can (most times) just avoid it until i can do something about it. there is still this one street, and every time i go there it becomes night, but i got through that one long ago. i was trapped in a house there for months... i remember the whole story, i was avoiding these 2 people who i knew meant me harm... they got me a few times, but i got to know that house VERY well. anyway... i've rambled on, i'm sorry... anyway, for the past few years i haven't been able to as much, and when i do, they seem to fade when i wake and don't stick in my world... i've started keeping a voice recorder by my bed for when i wake up after having one i never want to forget. i'm hoping to find my way back into the world i've built... it kills me to look at it through the hazy glass i've been trapped behind

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Re: herro!

Postby Guitar48300 » 20 Apr 2014 02:54

Welcome Wolfie! :)
I understand completely the whole wanting to visit/revisit worlds you've seen. Especially ones that are behind a computer screen. That's nearly half the reason I got into lucid dreaming.
Good luck on your dream journey!
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