Found this place after searching for answers

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Found this place after searching for answers

Postby jholt5638 » 21 Apr 2014 05:24

I am a 33 year male I have had lucid dreams for most of my life it just happens I don't do anything to cause them.

I found this place while trying to find answers to a lucid dream I had last night.
I am a semi-regular lucid dreamer and I normally have full dream control.
However last night was different, I was fully lucid but something seemed to be fighting my control of the dream. Such as I would change the location of where I was but something would change it back or I would attempt to control a dream character and would be forced out. It was extremely frustrating. Has anyone else had experience?

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Re: Found this place after searching for answers

Postby JonSnowLD » 26 Apr 2014 12:03

Hey welcome to the forum-you're soo lucky to be a natural lucid dreamer!!

I can't say I've had an experience like that, but i'm still trying to learn to control my dreams from a beginners level so if anything happens at all that I wanted then im happy ;)
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Re: Found this place after searching for answers

Postby TillyPink » 30 Apr 2014 22:59


Are you curious to explore the dreamscape you have been given? Perhaps there was something you needed to process there. Why did you so want to change your dream?

Personally i don't really (or can't even if i wanted too) change the whole dream scene...i guess for me it's a balance between going with the flow of the dream and making subtle changes as i go along by using the dream scape that i have. I am always curious as to why i land or enter into where i do. If i want to find someone, or have a mission or intention of some kind, i use what i have to work with. Often things change spontaneously, or i'll use a doorway. I had a WILD once where i wanted to go else where because where i was, as bright and colourful as it was, it was abstract and void of dream characters. I found a door and tried to go through but every door i opened another door would present itself and so on. In the end i flew upwards (gave up) and then i entered an attic space...and low and behold I had the most beautiful experience and met one of my favourite DC's ever!

So maybe try and embrace this 'lack of control' as a new opportunity to try something different.

Maybe post in the 'Share you Lucid Dreams' section and give some more details there and you may find some more answers.


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