Inability To Take Final Step

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Volke Locke
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Inability To Take Final Step

Postby Volke Locke » 22 Apr 2014 04:59

I also tend to know when I am dreaming... most of the time.
I often realize that I am dreaming, but remain incapable of asserting any influence over the dream. "oh, look, I've become a werewolf, cool. Too bad I can't control myself." I've only managed to take control twice in my two years of trying.
It isn't much different from what I often feel while awake, but I admit it is more interesting.

I also have had various roadblocks from sleep paralyzation(mostly taken care of) and false awakenings(stacked upon each other like Inception). It gets kind of interesting actually as the two things fight each other out. The sleep paralyzation often forces me to realize it's a dream during my false awakening since it prevents more conscience action.

Are you dream journaling every morning? Yes. Essentially have mastered the ability to remember dreams. I often can recall entire conversations in my dreams. I keep a dream journal, but I find I tend to remember most of the dreams for more than 24 hours in high detail.

Are you spending at least 20 minutes a day on mindful meditation? Yes

Are you raising your self-awareness during waking life? Attempting to. I have a lot of trouble with this.

Are you practicing your reality checks frequently and mindfully? Yes.
I am also used to performing reality checks since I suffer from a form of disassociation, it is a method of grounding myself. I have also picked up a few other things just for the sake of lucid dreaming.

Have you planned out what you'll do in your first lucid dream?
Yes. There are three dream characters I want to attempt to "reestablish contact" to.

Are you subconsciously incubating the desire to lucid dream?
I suffer from a nightmare disorder. I used to be afraid to sleep, but I believe I have removed those fears from me and I now enjoy the "nightmares." This is partly because I know it's a dream for the duration and partly due to the fact the dreams are more disturbing in nature, but less on the "scare the crap out of you" scale these days. You know, like watching your legs get amputated or other funstuff.

Have you mastered any in-depth lucid dreaming techniques?
Not really sure.

Any advice or suggestions?

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Re: Inability To Take Final Step

Postby tompine73 » 24 Apr 2014 12:36

No advice or suggestions I'm afraid. Just replying to say respect for the effort you have put in.

I've spent about 4 months on Lucid dreaming although for a long time I was getting to grips with remembering dreams/dream journalling/dream signs/reality checking/meditation. So I would probably say I've only had about 10 genuine attempts at the mild technique with no success but even so I have a slight sense of failure.

I still know I'm at a very early stage but it would be interesting to know how many people are out there who have genuinely tried and failed but never stood up to be counted.

The impression from all the literature is that if you stick at it you will get there eventually with very low failure rates. Here's to hoping that that's true!

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Re: Inability To Take Final Step

Postby taniaaust1 » 25 Apr 2014 02:30

Volke Locke wrote: I often realize that I am dreaming, but remain incapable of asserting any influence over the dream. "oh, look, I've become a werewolf, cool. Too bad I can't control myself." I've only managed to take control twice in my two years of trying.

Any advice or suggestions?

Unfortunately for that issue no I dont have much in the way of suggestions to help that issue. Thou if you believe you cant influence a dream, it could be that that has become a habit thing to think and could be affecting you from being able to do so now as what one things often will manifest in a dream. You may need to believe you can influence to have the influence and doubt in this could act as a block to doing so.

The only other thing I can think of is or maybe you arent truely LD but just thinking you are, like dreaming you are lucid instead of actually being lucid. That could have one not being able to insert influence over a dream to.

Anyway. I hope you solve this issue. Hopefully someone has some other advice to solve it.
The only thing to fear is the fear itself

Volke Locke
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Re: Inability To Take Final Step

Postby Volke Locke » 25 Apr 2014 04:59

@ taniaaust1
Thanks for the advice!
I typically only try to reach the lucid states on weekends, because of school schedules making it too difficult during the week. There is a difference between the two kinds of dreams. Maybe I'm not in a lucid state and actually in another state different from the two. Somewhere in the middle maybe.

But the first idea you had might be right. I mean, I have been worried about disassociation getting in the way of the dreams. Maybe if I sort that out... Maybe it's my worry about the disassociation..

I managed to have my 3rd lucid dream three nights ago. It was strange because I didn't try to have it, I just ended up collapsing from exhaustion from school. It was somewhat spontaneous, but encouraging.

I see quite a few problems from the literature really. You have to search all over the web for the information you want. The guides tend to be personalized to the people who made them. And they rarely elaborate on anything or give extra tips. And they tend to use overuse acronyms that beginners tend to have trouble dealing with. How many beginner's guides don't even give examples of good reality checks? quite a few.

I'm also fairly sure that no one has bothered to ever actually research LD success rates.

If I ever succeed at being a competent Lucid Dreamer, I hope to write and publish(with free .pdf version) a long book about everything about LD's.

Wish you luck!

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