I had my first lucid dream!!!

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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I had my first lucid dream!!!

Postby directioner5087 » 23 Apr 2014 18:59

If your still here, then Hi! I'm going to explain a LONG story of how my first lucid dream got started. Now, as insane as this seems, my story of my first lucid dream starts in early childhood. I remember being a kid having out of body experiences, though I had no clue what that was at the time. I also remember having a small amount of lucidity, by being able to control small actions, but not comprehend I was dreaming. I also had frequent nightmares as a kid, and I quickly learned what it felt like to start waking up, and used it to my advantage, making myself wake up from these nightmares as soon as I knew it wasn't real. I also had experiences when I was a kid where I could not move, but knew I was awake. Then, I didn't have any experiences like this for a long time. We can skip to around the time I was nine years old, when I started being able to control SMALL things. Except this time I started knowing I was dreaming, but didn't achieve lucidity. Then, I started to look up lucid dreams, but didn't quite understand how to do it. Now we can skip to just a few months ago. I started looking up how to do it, and all of that stuff. I had never had a lucid dream yet I could tell you all about them. I knew everything there was to know, but I wanted to experience this. Well, I did reality checks, multiple different routines such as WILD, WBTB, VILD, and many others. I did everything you could imagine to have a lucid dream. I did this for around 20 days, but then I gave up. It hadn't happened, and I assumed it would happen on its own time, but I knew it wouldn't happened on its own. At least, that's what I thought. Last night, I went to bed as normal, and then I woke up naturally after about 4-5 hours of sleep. I thought "Hey, maybe I can have a lucid dream" but didn't take it seriously. Then, next thing I know I am dreaming. Not lucid dreaming yet, but dreaming. I am up on my computer really late at night, looking up dyslexia. Then, I hear my mom awake (I guess I was dreaming about being a kid again) and get scared that she will see me awake. So I lock my phone, close my computer, and pretend to be asleep. She looks on my computer, and I tell her it must have been a popup from a virus, and I knew she wouldn't believe it, but somehow she did. This must have been a tiny bit of lucidity. My mom was acting very hyper in the dream, which should have been a tell tale sign I was dreaming, but I didn't catch it. Then, next thing I know she is planning on going to get dinner, and my dog is chasing us outside, and we have to get away before he can attack us. The cops are at our house watching my sister, but the empty cop car is there, and we are taking that as opposed to my dads van. Then, I'm going to be riding in the back, and when I open the door its as if I smelt the scent of every person that had ever been in that cop car all at once. I remember smelling perfume, cologne, and natural scents. Then, I got in before my dog could catch the scents, and then the next thing I remember is being in the living room of my house, heading into the kitchen for dinner. Then, I felt myself waking up and tried to stay asleep. The only difference between this attempt and my past attempts is that it worked!!! I then continued walking to the kitchen, when the dream got really blurry. I has heard about this happening, and the persons advice was to shout "clarity now!" at the dream. I did, and I almost woke up again. I stayed still, and then the dream became clear. Now, before I continue the dream, let me say that in my dreams I am extremely impulsive. Ha, and I thought I made choices without thinking in real life. Now, back to the dream. I randomly wanted chick fil a, and was devouring a piece of chicken, when I randomly decided to give one of the male cops a lap dance. Now, my parents were in the room, but I let it slide as I knew it was just a dream. Then, me and the cop were heading the my bedroom, which is kinda obvious what was about to happen. Then, I started losing a bit of lucidity, but didn't realize it yet. Then, I was on the bed touching myself, and all the sudden the male cop became a female, but I didn't care. Then, I was touching myself, when the girl started licking my "private parts". Then, it became a bunch of different people, the only recognizable one was Miley Cyrus. Then, I started not being able to control the dream even though I knew I was dreaming, which was also happened before. I started waking up, and this time I let myself. I never imagined lucid dreaming would be that way. All of the dirtyness of the dream aside, it was a feeling I could never forget, and was amazing. Who would've thought I'd have a lucid dream when I wasn't even trying?

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Re: I had my first lucid dream!!!

Postby NYDreamer » 24 Apr 2014 00:26

Congratulations on your first lucid dream. It sounds like you really enjoyed it. I just had one this morning myself, and it was an exhilarating experience. It wasn't my first one, but the first really good one in a while.

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Re: I had my first lucid dream!!!

Postby taniaaust1 » 24 Apr 2014 21:57

Congrats. I think at times some beginners may be trying too hard and hence not relaxing well which can interfere with lucid dreaming. Its not uncommon for some to have their first LD after they stop trying. The best state to have a LD in is to think you may be able to do it (or believe you can.. being open to the idea I think is important to help trigger) and are relaxed about this.
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