Profound LD and yet thought I peed my bed...

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Profound LD and yet thought I peed my bed...

Postby HAGART » 25 Apr 2014 04:13

This is ripped straight from my dream journal, all spelling mistakes and words intact. When I write my DJ for myself, I'm not a story teller so there is no climax or interesting word play. It may be long and boring for some, but this is legit! (But there is pee involved, so that might spark your interest).

Things to know, like a legend for a map. Skip this unless your confused and want more insight:
David = My brother.
Sana = David's wife.
Andrew = My other brother.
Adin = My cousin. (we have a shared sarcastic sense of humor)
Topaz = My dog who died back in July last year. :cry:
Baron = My old dog who still lives, and sleeps near me.
Evangelion = One of my favorite Anime.
Noki Mushrooms = Enoki mushrooms, but didn't know the spelling at the time.
(I'm a bit of a foodie and this was morning of an Easter family get-together, and tend to do all the family cooking. Can't help but be the resident chef of the household! But not this time and it was a relief.)

(The rest is just crazy and even I can't fully explain it. Enjoy! :D)

Happened: Sunday April 20, 2014
LD Goal (eventually): Get a DC to give me an alter ego name to call myself when in dreams.
(Before I pee.... yes... we'll get to that later!) :roll: :oops:

I woke up in bed, the large sofa bed downstairs, and david was sleeping in it too. He started to roll up and down the bed, foot to head, as if it was something he does every morning and learned it in a class. Apparently that's what he and Sana do now. I said something like, oh, you like to do that in the hypnopompic state, I see, knowing he had no idea what I was talking about. Then I think I remember saying to myself, I'll just close my eyes and see if I can see HI.

I was laying on my left side, and felt my right ear twinge a little and thought, I'm close to sleep paralysis. I also for a moment, thought I heard a voice and opened my eyes a little spooked. I was interested to see if I could have an OBE right there as david was present. I relaxed again, and felt something on my shoulder like a tapping sensation, but I didn't give it much credability so I wouldn't create a monster. My arms were folded and I thought if I stayed in that position I'd wake up with sore wrists as I have don't before, so I quickly changed postitions to get more comfortable. Then Baron showed up, and put his face in mine. I thought perhaps I had already separated so I reached out and started to pet his head vigorously. I just kinda knew now and I got up. When I did, it was a little difficult, further reconfirming that I was already in the phase. I got up, and looked back at the bed half expecting to see a sleeping body there, but it was empty. Before I left the room, already knowing 99% I was dreaming, I did a RC by making a sock on the floor come to my hand. Then I went upstairs.

I thought I was remote viewing because I felt the part when I was in bed was real. I went into where the dinning room should be and David, Andrew and Adin were in there. There was a large bowl of small square things in it on the table and I made one come to my hand. They asked was I was doing and said, nothing just reality testing. (Acting smug). Adin had a plate with a wrap of some kind on it, cut on a bias and it looked good so I picked it up and took a bite. It had tomate and perhaps chicken in it, but remenisent of taco. I said don't worry about it and grabed another to the left and plopped it on his plate to replace the one I took a bite of. I felt like I was tasting some of my food I was going to serve the next day. (Although we are having ham and scallop potatoes and I am not making dinner). Then I started to start fires and looked at the ceiling and it was starting to blister and saw flames like under a slamander. I crossed my arms on my chest like an X and saw flames coming out of my palms like a super hero. Then there was a brilliant green flash above, and Andrew said it was because I short circuited the light there. I willed a new one and fixed it. Then I showed off some more and made the walls turn into gold.

Adin said something like, so you are dreaming and can do anything? What a boring dream. I agreed and walked away thinking to myself, I lucid dream so often I don't know what to do anymore and it's like living a second life for me. I went to a window and opened it and looked outside. Topaz was there sleeping and her head over hung outside. I thought about what to do, and then it suddenly hit me. I was planning to ask a dream character what my alter ego name in a dream should be.

It was dark out and I was on the second floor and I called out to the back yard if anyone was there or could hear me. I heard some murmering coming from a neighboring yard, and couldn't find anyone to talk to. Then I realized, why don't I just go back and talk to Adin. He's a dream character too. So I went back and they were all sitting in a sort of living room. I asked Adin what my name should be. I said, I am Michael, but that's not me in a dream. He mentioned a few names, but they were weird and I don't remember. Then he found a funny one on a paper, as if he was looking at possiblilities in a brochure. I saw an image of a cheesy, eighties movie, with a child actor wearing sunglasses with a vibrant purple hat. He said you should be, "Distinguished we are one". It reminded me of, "we are the world", and it just felt so funny. I thought, why not try it.

I went back to the window and looked out and up to the sky and announced, "I am distinguished and I am the one". Just then the dark sky brightened, redish at first like sunrise and then was bright. I started to walk around. Then I realized, I said it wrong, and corrected myself. I said, "I am distinguished. We are one." It reminded me of Evangelion when she says, you are number one. So I spoke with a slight Japanese accent and said, "We are going to have some number one fun!" I did a forward roll on the ground and next thing I knew, I was viewing everything upside down, bent over, looking between my legs.

Then I had an uncontrollable urge to urinate and I couldn't keep it in so I pissd on the ground. I thought I was peeing in real life, but I couldn't stop it. I felt like it was only a small amount though and not as much as in the dream.

I saw a small lake and a bear was in it. I started to feel afraid of it, and the bear approached me. I jumped to get away, and fly, but I only managed to land on top of a lamppost or telephone pole. I was disappointed that I still felt fear, and couldn't fly in the dream. With a wave of my hand I flung the bear off into the distance and it morphed into a fur ball and looked fake and superimposed as it went off. I thought of Peter [from this forum] for some reason when I did this. I called out again, "I am distinguished. We are one." But it actually made me feel nervous, not confident. I felt like saying that might make a dream character show up who would spook me with their sheer awsomness, or perhaps an evil one. I saw another animal appear after saying it, and it was bear shaped but with stripes like a tiger.

Then there was an asian guy talking and he had urinated himself. I looked down and saw I had wet pants too, trickled down to my feet. I thought I was wearing pants in real life, sleeping on my side, so I didn't think the bed would have much to clean up. There was another guy there too, 3 of us altogether, but I didn't actually look at him, just knew he was there. I touched the asian guy's pants and it was wet, could see it on my finger, but it had no smell. The asian guy said, there is no science here. This place is built on what you already think you know.

I looked past him and saw a small delapitated swimming pool with large, pink, elmo cookie type things. I saw some other, abtsract art faces of a president. There was a large bowl of Noki Mushrooms and felt like the asian guy was using it as an example to prove his point about the place being built on what you think you know, not reality. The didn't look like them, but I just knew they were Noki Mushrooms. The tops were much larger and more angled, not round. They had leaves or something growing out the stem, but the same color, grey, as the rest. The 3rd person was there and I told them what the flavor is like. It's like a sprout I said, not like an onion. Then I thought wait a minute, I mean mushroom. Funny how I would mix up those two. I looked out to the pool again and saw an abstract picture of Ronald Regan, exaggerated like a characture and the mouth had a huge grin, the teeth were long and sharp, made by trickled paint. One the guys commented that his teeth were so long.

Then it hit me, and I just knew the dream was ending. I forget to maintain it. But then again, I wanted to clean my bed. I awoke and checked down there, but it was dry!
If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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Re: Profound LD and yet thought I peed my bed...

Postby taniaaust1 » 26 Apr 2014 07:00

I find it unnerving to think I may of peed my bed, I remember one LD where I wasnt sure. I was so relieved when it was dry when I woke up.

I wonder how often those who wet their beds dreamed it? (maybe it doesnt tend to happen like that).
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Re: Profound LD and yet thought I peed my bed...

Postby HAGART » 26 Apr 2014 19:29

So you're saying you've thought you peed yourself in a LD before too?

So it's not just me. This wasn't the first time either, and I've had at least 5 (maybe more) wet-the-bed lucid dreams. Thankfully, each time it was just a false alarm, but in the dream I actually feel it come out, see it, and think I am peeing in reality, but just can't stop it. Then I walk around with wet pants and it feels real, and one time I could even smell it.

It ruins the dream because you feel like you have to wake up. One time I was jumping on the ground head first in an attempt to wake up, but just couldn't. So I just figured, heck with it, I'll go outside and try and enjoy myself. What's done is done, and I'll deal with it later. Then, to my relief, I wake up dry.

I drink water when I WBTB, but should probably drink a little less if I don't accompany it with a trip to the bathroom... ;)
If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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