Daydreaming within dreams? Relation to lucid dreaming? 0-o

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Daydreaming within dreams? Relation to lucid dreaming? 0-o

Postby funkyowls » 25 Apr 2014 18:00

Heyy all,

Frequently I seem to have dreams where I'm daydreaming a situation. This morning I had quite a few dreams that may have been considered lucid, but I think it was more just that my "dream self" was having daydreams as I knew they weren't real.

Like, I'd have a dream involving a guy I kind of like, then I'd wake up, and then I'd fall back asleep and have a dream that I was having a pool party with a few people and he was there. In the dream he texted me flirtatiously and I think *within the same dream* I daydreamed that I was cuddling him in the pool, and it was a visual daydream. It was not at all vivid emotionally or in senses other than sight/imagining though, so I don't think it was a lucid dream.

I have similar dreams frequently where I imagine things happening WHILE I'm dreaming, it feels more like daydreaming within a dream (akin to daydreaming while awake) than an actual lucid dream, which I've experienced maybe once and has a much more vivid realistic feel. I think usually the "dream reality" is different from the reality I daydream within the dream, if that makes any sense at all!

Im wondering what everyone thinks of this? Has anyone else had similar experiences? Is this a type of lucid dream, like a low-level one?

Edit: These dreams don't involve any reality checks or dreamsigns, I've yet to actually do a reality check in a dream. Nor do they involve any of the major lucid dream methods (WILD, MILD, FILD etc.)

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Re: Daydreaming within dreams? Relation to lucid dreaming? 0

Postby imaginecinema » 26 Apr 2014 05:06

A dream doesn't have to have reality checks or dreamsigns to be a lucid dream. Yes, it may not be as clear as other lucid dreams, but you did mention that you've only had one "really realistic" lucid dream before. I know that you associate it with daydreaming, but lucid dreaming is really immersing yourself in a daydream- sort of. I would classify what you're describing as semi-lucid dreams, and I can say that I had several of these myself when I was first getting interested in lucid dreams like a year or two ago, because the first lucid dreams that one experiences are always quite foggy and you often don't have control or forget you're in a dream. Yet the more often it happens, the better you get at doing it. All I'm saying is is that this sounds quite natural to me, based on personal experience, and I would say that you've just taken the first step.

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Re: Daydreaming within dreams? Relation to lucid dreaming? 0

Postby taniaaust1 » 26 Apr 2014 07:13

How vivid a dream is is nothin to do really with if a dream is lucid or not, nor if it relevent if a person performs a reality check or not. (Not all people who do LD do reality checks, I myself dont as my consciousness just kicks in in my LDs and I just know Im dreaming without reality checking. This isnt uncommon).

A lucid dream is simply a dream in which during it, you KNOW (the you you are right now when awake, your normal self) knows you are dreaming.

So I guess one could say that lucid dreaming is when a person has a connection to what they term as "me" and that one is there either as an observer as the dream plays out or within the dream, actively participating in it.

Some beginners do have very vivid lucid dreams, there is no standard way for a beginners LDs. I had longer better LDs when I was a beginner then I do now.
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