Everything is out to get me

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Everything is out to get me

Postby amadeus » 25 Apr 2014 20:44

This is one thing i have experienced a hell of a lot, ill be lucid dreaming and everythiing will be trying to harm me with the intent to wake me up. like kids coming by on bikes trying to crash into me, or roots comming out of the ground to trip me up

it kinda feels like my mind doesnt want me to LD

anyone else experience this?
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Re: Everything is out to get me

Postby Highlander » 25 Apr 2014 23:41

Sometimes there appears a dog, a beast or some mean guys to harm me. But now i'm conquering it. Because i know i'm dreaming, sometimes i say to them:
-"Do you want to harm me? Do you want to kill me? It will not work. This is a dream, so, take your best shot."
Sometimes they jump at me and a force field blocks them, sometimes they just turn into small beings and sometimes they look at me and go away.
You should try to confront then and be confident that they will not wake you up or do you harm, because you're dreaming.

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