My lucid dream last night.. Why do my dream characters do th

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My lucid dream last night.. Why do my dream characters do th

Postby esilemc00 » 26 Apr 2014 12:47

So last night I had this lucid dream that seemed to carry on for forever and I was with my two friends (who I'll just name as Sara and Michelle) and we were at Sara's house and she said that we had to go to church with her. So she got on this gown/dress thing that was held together at the end just above her ankles with elastic. And she was barefoot and she told us to follow her outside to church. So we went down a little hallway thing and went out the door. When we looked outside we saw that it was dark, and there was a small church across the road. So she walked to it but she took a long path and I started struggling to keep the dream going because I couldn't see but I pushed through to keep it going and we finally came to a door and we opened it and we started going in but Sara ran far ahead and Michelle stayed with me. And it was dark so we tried flipping the light switches on, but the lights didn't really come on. So we went up the stair case calling out to sara but she didn't answer me. So we went up and she was standing there waiting for us and then something popped out, it was something, in a chicken costume and I ran but they didn't and they said to calm down because it was just Ben in a costume. So he took off the hat of the costume that covered his face and it was someone from my school named Ben. And so I came back into the room. Then I decided to try making a purpose out of the lucid dream and I asked Sara "Will you show me your dream that your having rightt now? And she said "maybe" and then nothing happened. (I believe in shared dreaming because of something that happenednto two of my other friends were one stepped into a big portal and ended up lucid in someone else's dream and they both confirmed it) but the last time I asked this same dream character if she could bring me to her dream or tell me what was happening in her dream she said "its none of your business what's happening in my dream" and I asked multiple times last night and at one point she said "I always tell you no because I feel like it should be me who starts the connection and brings you to my dream." And she seemed really nice when she said it. And then I said "So, will you bring me there then?" And she said "How?" And I said "Im not sure. Try placing yourself in your dream, know what's happening in your dream, leave to go to your own but take me with you" and I kept saying things like that.. But then she disappeared and i was feeling myself getting dragged a bit but then I woke up.. Why do they always say no to me? And what do you think? Do you think shared dreaming is possible?

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Re: My lucid dream last night.. Why do my dream characters d

Postby imaginecinema » 27 Apr 2014 02:28

I think shared dreaming is possible, but I think it's really hard to tell the difference between dream characters and friends. If you have a friend that you want to share a dream with, you should have some sort of countersign established beforehand. I think if it really is your friend, then I don't see why they would be so reluctant to show you their dream... although people can be weird sometimes.

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Re: My lucid dream last night.. Why do my dream characters d

Postby taniaaust1 » 29 Apr 2014 14:44

Shared dreaming is possible thou it is quite uncommon. Most never knowingly experience a shared dream. I have had only one shared dream (that was with my child who got into trouble in her dream)

I think your dream character always says no as your subconsciousness knows its just a dream character coming from itself and knows it cant provide you the answer there you seek. So you just get your DC saying no it cant share the dream of your friend.

Being in close location to the other is something which can make it more likely to have this occur eg if you were staying at your friends house... and the stronger the emotional attachment you've got to the other, it helps I think to increase the chances of dream sharing to occur. (Thing is you wont know unless your friend does remember their dream too after they wake up for you both to discuss).
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