Flying through an amazing day.

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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Flying through an amazing day.

Postby Ender_brine » 28 Apr 2014 02:53

This is exactly how I wrote it in my dream journal:

I had another dream about flying while flapping my arms. It is a lovely bright orange/red sunset. I am at my dads house. I go into his front yard and flap my arms. As always, it's hard, but I begin to fly. I fly West. As I fly all around, I find myself over a wash. There are boulders and cottonwood trees. I see hawks in the trees. I swoop down close enough to see the hawks startled faces. I fly higher and continue. Eventually, I land for a rest. I'm in a very ghetto/nasty area, like downtown Queen Creek. I look to my left, and see a group of scary, mean looking Rottweilers. They're coming my way. I run to the nearest house and bang on the door. It opens, and I see a family of four (father, mother, daughter, son). I tell them that I just need to hide from the dogs. The dad (who's house is full of paraphernalia of himself) tells me the dogs aren't mean, and let's one in. It's not a Rottweiler like I thought, but actually just a pug! Relieved, I leave and take flight. I see a large dust devil, and fly towards it. It begins to spin me around before I can even get to it. As I regain my balance, I see what I've apparently been looking for: a warehouse far to the West. I take off towards it, losing altitude as I got nearer. Some guy below me tells me I shouldn't go in there. I oblige, and land on a rusted ladder outside the building that leads to the roof. But the old ladder broke off, and I fly away and into the building. The guy from before is there, along with a new guy. They seem to be bad people, so I am wary. They are filling the warehouse with helium filled balloons. They tell me they're goin to light the balloons and blow the building up. I ask why, and they say "Because we never use it." I then see the helium starting to light, and I panic. The two dudes kiss goodbye (didnt see that coming!). I grab a pole above me, swing through a window, and hide under their car. Fearing a car explosion, I fly away fast until I see another car out there. There's a big ugly woman and her kids there. I wave to the kids and fly away. I finally re-enter Queen Creek, and locate dads house by seeing Luna, the desert willow tree. I wake up.

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