My subconcious wants me to work at Subway

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My subconcious wants me to work at Subway

Postby emberfire012 » 03 May 2014 22:09

Ok, so last night, I was attempting a MILD, but I wasn't visualizing my location, so I false awakened in my bedroom, and it was light outside. I knew for a fact that it was dark the last time I checked, so I looked at my hand for a reality check. I had at least 10 more fingers on my hand than usual, alerting me that this was not real.
After grounding my lucidity, I decided to walk around and explore, but my door was closed, and I was too lazy to open it, so I just passed through the door like it wasn't there. Why? Because I was dreaming, and I could.
I walked down the hallway, where a mess awaits. Again, feeling lazy, I walked onto the wall and up to the ceiling. And then I reached the stairs. Instead of walking down them, I jumped down from the ceiling and floated down them, where my mother, now a DC, was waiting.
After realizing that I just cheated my way downstairs, I asked her DC what she represented. I got a long answer involving scientific terms, so I tuned her out. We walked onto the porch outside, where it was apparently fall.
My sister came out of my house, along with at least 15 random little girls that I had no idea why they were in there. I asked her DC what she represented, and she replied, "Your kindness to others." It was then I woke up.
After a few other non-lucid dreams, I became lucid again, and this time, I was at a mechanic's shop in the desert. Remembering my lucid intention, I asked the dream what my ideal job was. Two mechanics came out of the shop, and one replied, "You would be good at any field of science. But before you do that, you should work at Subway." The last thought I had before losing lucidity was, "What the heck, subconcious?!"
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Re: My subconcious wants me to work at Subway

Postby Summerlander » 04 May 2014 10:32

Well, what tends to oppose science? Religion. Subways in the UK hav banned pork because Muslims believe it's the devil's meat. (So much for the choice implied in their slogan!) Pork is tasty and nutritious, but, once again, silly superstition wins. Maybe your subconscious wants you to fix the ignorance that has imbued Subway...

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Re: My subconcious wants me to work at Subway

Postby taniaaust1 » 12 May 2014 01:30

I personally dont think things like this are all that random and that subway was there in your subconciousness for some reason (not necessarily thou cause you should be working there!).

Think about what subway means to you? Maybe deep down you dont feel you deserve a decent job and hence manifested a reply of a fast food job for yourself??

I could also represent "feeding" or "nuturing" others in some way eg if you are the type of person who likes helping others grow or learn or likes nuturing them in some way?. So could be a clue on what qualities to look for in the type of job which could be right for you.

It suggest to try this again and see what kind of answer is given next time. Will you be given a different symbol which could hold a similar meaning to the "subway" one...
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