__dream control without being lucid? WEIRD QUESTION

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__dream control without being lucid? WEIRD QUESTION

Postby Harpo_ » 04 May 2014 18:04

This is my question: Is dream control, summoning objects etc. still considered dream control if the dreamer is not lucid? Here is my reason for asking this question:

Last night I was thinking A LOT about lucid dreaming (I am doing a report on it for school.) I have obtained lucidity a few times before, and I know what it is. My dream last night was that I was at school. For some reason, we were doing a "Unit" on lucid dreaming. We were taking tests and stuff on it. In order to study it they hooked us up to some kind of machine and had us lucid dream from the machine. This is the weird part: I was not lucid. I was in a lucid dream within a non lucid dream. Within the lucid dream at my school, I was able to do things like dream control, summon objects etc. Is it still considered dream control if the lucid dream was inside a non lucid dream? I know its a funny question :shock: -- Any answers would be nice!

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Re: __dream control without being lucid? WEIRD QUESTION

Postby TillyPink » 07 May 2014 00:06

Haha brilliant! Yes of course there are the borderlines. I guess we have to have categories for defining lucid dreaming for the sake of some kind of clarity and definition. I too have had many many borderline dreams, and no doubt many have on this forum. One of my early ones was going to sleep in a deep dream to see if i could dream share with 2 girls i know who were in my dream. So when i slept in my deep dream i was lucid, but i was still deep dreaming. When i posted this on another forum i was laughed at and the people who responded said it wasn't possible. Well it was my dream so it was. And it's happened since. In the last it was a good trigger for lucid dreaming. I was in a student house and i went to sleep with some of my 'dream house mates'. When i went to sleep in my dream, i woke up lucid, but i really was lucid and remembered going to 'sleep' in my dream...oh it's a fun ride this conscious sleeping lark! Don't worry about categories. Just explore what happens when you shut your eyes at night and go with the flow! ;)

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