Not Doing RCs in Dreams

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Not Doing RCs in Dreams

Postby Pippy16 » 08 May 2014 03:22

I've been trying to LD since March, and have had 1-3 a week (but they've all ended instantly), but one thing I've had trouble with is RCs. I've been doing them at least a dozen times a day without reminders, and yet I have only done it once spontaneously in a dream, and it failed. I was wondering, is there any trick to doing more spontaneous RCs in dreams?

Oh, and if it helps, my RCs usually consist of studying my hand, trying to push my fingers through my palm, and triple checking my watch. I then study the environment, think about what I've been doing for the past couple hours, etc. before finally repeating my mantra.

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Re: Not Doing RCs in Dreams

Postby JonSnowLD » 17 May 2014 21:50

I have this problem too-I RC a lot in the day but never in dream! :/ at the minute I'm working on increasing my self awareness so I'm not just reality checking and then going back to ignoring my surroundings. basically I'm trying to be more observant throughout the day rather than just my RCs.

There's a pretty good article on the WOLD website called something like 3 crippling lucid dream mistakes (under latest articles) which is useful for making RCs more effective :)
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