How do you change the landscape?

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How do you change the landscape?

Postby emberfire012 » 18 May 2014 14:45

Okay, so one thing that frustrates me in a lucid dream is how to change the landscape? Last night, I had a lucid dream, and I wanted to go somewhere, but I couldn't. So I asked my subconcious to take me to that place, and all I got was a few dream characters telling me to be patient, and waiting was how I spent the rest of the lucid dream! Do any of you know an efficient way to change landscapes?

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Re: How do you change the landscape?

Postby wispulation » 18 May 2014 21:18

Its very easy just do one of these options

1) Imagine a door, and no building behind it imagine on the other side of the door is the place you want to go and when you open it, It takes you to that place

2) This one is fast and easy. Just close your eyes start to spin and when you open them again you'll be in the landscape you want to be in

3) (This one i made up and it works really well) just fly up straight into the air keep flying up until you cant see the landscape below anymore close your eyes imagine the world beneath you has changed, and when you fly back down it will be the landscape you think of

I hope these help you in you're lucid dream :D
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