How to meditate?

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How to meditate?

Postby LucasWho » 18 May 2014 18:19

I've been reading a lot that you should meditate to improve LD. But I don't know how and I can't find any good guides (that are centered around LD and don't make you pay).

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Re: How to meditate?

Postby Karin » 19 May 2014 17:55

When I started meditating two years ago, I did it on my own without reading anything on it at first. I wasn't aiming at lucid dreaming though, my goal was to get more in touch with who I was beyond thoughts and mind.

Here is what I did: once a day, I would lie down with earplugs and something covering my eyes (though I guess that's optional), spend a couple minutes relaxing my body and deep breathing, and then I would focus my awareness in the center of my head, on the part of me that is 'aware'. In other words, I would focus my awareness on my awareness. If that does not make any sense to you, I heard some prefer to focus their awareness on their breathing, not interfering with natural breathing, just noticing the in and out.

Then after a few seconds, I would catch myself thinking of something, or my mind would have wandered off. As soon as I would realize that, I would refocus my awareness on my awareness (or one could refocus the awareness on the breath). Then soon again, I would catch myself thinking or daydreaming something, so again, I would gently refocus my mind on the original target. And so on, until you feel that's enough. Some set a timer on 15 minutes or more. I like to do 30 to 45 minutes.

At the beginning, it might seem very difficult, frustrating, or almost impossible to 'prevent' thoughts from coming in, but the trick is to not get upset and just allow the process and know it's normal, and keep practicing. What's happening is that with practice, one becomes more and more aware of one's own thoughts, how they come in, how they leave, etc... and eventually our minds become more and more quiet over time.

Soon after I started this practice, I noticed that I was also becoming more and more aware of thoughts during my everyday activities. I think prior to that, some of these thoughts were unconscious thoughts. Stuff like self-defeating thoughts, negative stuff, OCD-kind of thoughts, and just becoming aware of them would help, because then I would realize those thoughts didn't make sense and I could chose to think something different that I would prefer.

Also, after a while, I started noticing that my mind was much quieter during the day, and even emotional responses weren't as strong as before. It was really quiet in there, and that was a surprising relief!


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