A few nights ago I met my Dream Team

What have you learned from your dream characters? What do they say, what do they represent, what motivates them, why do they exist?
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A few nights ago I met my Dream Team

Postby queenofthewhirl » 19 May 2014 02:04

I call them my dream team. They're a handful of beings that protect me while I'm vulnerable, including in the dream world. They make me feel safe and they help to bring about the things I desire.

Interestingly, one has a penchant for lying. I asked him if it was a dream and he said no but luckily I didn't believe him. I ran to the bathroom and he ran after me. I checked the mirror and saw that my reflection was distorted and I ran past him back to my bedroom, where the other two members of my dream team were waiting. "I knew it!" I said excitedly.

The tall member who looks like Conan O'Brien held my arms and said. "But, stay."

I nodded. "Okay. I'll stay."

We held arms as I concentrated on staying in the dream. I stayed long enough for the team and I to create a strong, electrical, crystal sparkly wall of light around my bed. Soon after I woke up.

My dream team is pretty cool. Call them angels, whatever you like. But dream team sounds right for me.

Theres a cute, dark haired trickster who I instinctively know to ignore;
a tall, kind man that resembles Conan O'Brien;
and a young woman with brown hair and brown eyes who is rather maternal and friendly.

They also told me that my brother's dream name is Deashon (day-shawn). So I'm gonna try to communicate with him tonight!

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Re: A few nights ago I met my Dream Team

Postby taniaaust1 » 03 Jun 2014 12:25

That sounds cool. I want a dream team!
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Re: A few nights ago I met my Dream Team

Postby emberfire012 » 15 Jun 2014 17:20

Cool! That should be my new lucidity objective: meet my dream team and find out my dream name.

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Re: A few nights ago I met my Dream Team

Postby gilliankeller05 » 02 Dec 2014 07:34

This is awesome....!
I had an experience where I met mine as well.

When I met them I was staying in my grandmother's house.

There were voices speaking as I was falling asleep and I decided to ask them some questions!
This time, the voices sounded like my family members. Other times, the voices sounded like people I had met recently, or even a cacophony of conversations as if in a bar or crowded place (I live in the city) and I asked them why they seemed so familiar but sounded so different each time I heard them. Were they different entities or the same?
They said they were the same entities every time, they were just trying to make me feel comfortable and ready to enter dream-time.
Then I asked them some more things, which I don't exactly remember.... but the outcome was that they were safe because they were part of me, so they'd never let me become hurt, and that I just had to be aware. They proceeded to teach me about how I can interact with all my dream characters in a similar way, that actually if I do it with softness (even when interacting with frightening types of energies) that I can dispel the creepiness or the confusion and even learn more from those characters who present themselves.

The dream team is awesome! They also gather around my bed and beckon me into dream time. I can feel them hanging out. There are like 5 of them. Sweet folks really. Sometimes I try and tell them I am too tired to get catapulted into lucid world but they just smile and say, nope, you're doing it tonight! ;)

Dream team!

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