My Dream Journal

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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My Dream Journal

Postby Sterre Duiker » 19 May 2014 19:37

I hope nobody minds if I post some of my (Non)Lucid Dreams here? I'm using this blog as my dream journal and just for people to read them for fun :mrgreen:
Feel free to post you analysis/comparison or even your own dreams!

Ok, so my most recent dream was kind of weird. I had it after a presentation on Sex Slavery & Trafficking.
Anyways, I don't know if I was half asleep or fully awake when I thought this, but I just knew I'd dream I was going to become a child sex slave. And no I wasnt choosing to have a nightmare, I never have nightmares, just dreams where I know what I'm supposed to be feeling but I'm not feeling that emotion. Sooo guess what?
My dream started at the Horse Riding Centre I ride at. All the trainers I trusted were all part of it. I wasnt the only one abducted. With me was Rebecca (popular girl in my school) Akshita, Josephine (a friend! :( ), the Korean twins(guys), and I think 5 others I've forgotten :?:
One of my main abductors was my PE teacher Mr Otieno, and he was scaring the Cr*p out of the abducted! Meanwhile, I was being verbally abused by one of my best friends Nitzan (a guy btw) and his guy friends :/ who were also part of it.
I was really afraid, I didn't want to be raped by 30 men a day at all! (true fact, thats the daily life of a sex slave, raise awareness people!) So, when Mr Otieno was chasing a deer away into the bushes (Random :?: ) I said to all the girls "Either take the chance and run away with me, or stay where you are and have your freedom taken away!" With that, I ran off into the hills, with only Rebecca and Josephine following my lead. We made it to some broken down house and I wanted to find shelter with the woman inside but she was ugly and seemed untrustworthy. So, I ran a bit further and found a family at the airport willing to take me to another country. However, I found my parents at the airport! I stuck with them and we decided to go to Holland (home country) because Kenya's police is way too corrupt! (so true!)
Then I woke up :lol: remember that I wasnt afraid, because I never am in my dreams :P weird -_- This may seem like short boring dream but it wasnt :D the chase scenes and plot twists were epic :mrgreen:

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