The Creativity Matrix

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The Creativity Matrix

Postby HeadlessScorpio » 21 May 2014 22:33

I've heard that LDs can increase problem solving but are you more creative in a LD than reality. Try to make up a creature in your dream and note:Level of Lucidity,Vividness,and the creatures description just ask your subconscious to make a monster.

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Dreams are a art, you have to paint the path, to create a masterpiece.

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Re: The Creativity Matrix

Postby MAKER » 24 May 2014 06:27

During one LD I yelled a lot of profanity and threatened a DC, and I watched him morph right in front of me into a very large, very scary man. He pulled a gun and put in my face, but then I told him I was kidding and was doing it as an experiment. As we talked, he morphed into a gray-haired old man wearing an old-timey candy shop uniform. Before I went on my way (had the intention of completing a dream experiment), he handed me a small milk carton of M&Ms.

I treated him with disrespect and vulgarity to witness what would happen, and then with kindness for the same reason. I may have not intentionally created this "monster," but my actions influenced what happened subconsciously. Not necessarily creative, but created a very interesting effect.

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