Applications And Meditation

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Applications And Meditation

Postby Barbara » 27 May 2014 10:48


I once had a lucid dream. I did not had a full control, but it was long and good for the first time. BUT since that one time (which was two months ago), I can not do it again. I am trying everything, but I am not having lucid dreams. Sometimes I do realize that I am dreaming, but it is like I forget about it immediately in the dream. Check my previous message: ''Hello And Help".

I tried some of the lucid dreaming phone applications. None of them really helped. Do you know some good lucid dreaming (free) applications? I believe that the applications would work best for me, if I find the right one. I want some app that will half awake me, because when I had my first lucid dream I was kind of half awake during the deep sleep or something.

Oh, and the meditation! I tried to meditate, but I am not sure I am doing it right... Can someone explain it to me, please? I would appreciate it, thank you!

(Sorry if I have grammar mistakes, English is not my first language!)


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Re: Applications And Meditation

Postby JonSnowLD » 27 May 2014 11:29

Hey Barbara, first of all as soon as you realise you're in a dream just keep telling yourself you're in a dream to stop yourself forgetting. Doing a couple of reality checks straight away is also a good idea ;)

I don't use lucid applications myself but look for one where you can set an alarm to go off during your periods of REM sleep after 4-6 hours of sleep maybe. (You could probably just use an ordinary phone alarm that switches itself off?)

As to the meditation, there are many ways to meditate but the one that is the simplest is probably the breath meditation (this is the one i use on a regular basis). Make sure you are comfortable either sitting or lying down (the key is to have your back straight) and focus on your breathing. Concentrate on every little detail of breathing in and then out. Whenever your mind wanders just catch yourself and refocus :) I like to concentrate on counting my breathing in groups of 5 but this is optional-after 10 minutes or so you should start to feel very relaxed with a clear mind :)

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