lucid dream Time Bending

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lucid dream Time Bending

Postby maiches » 31 May 2014 22:12

Hi to all Carl here not new to LD but new to this site.
How to start Got the tingling feeling new that I was lucid so walked through a glass window it stretched like a big bubble but just before I popped through lets say the portal I stopped, the people in the room were at normal speed walking around but the street out side was just flying by.The people were in very fast mode.
I looked at myself and could see all the cells atoms etc swirling around in perfect form and colourful.
I just sat there for awhile taking it all in then I herd laughing and there was Albert Einstein he said no one knows what you are doing but you are bending time I know but why I said good question.
I went through the glass and stood on the street I had all this silk like thread coming of my body like a spider web from me back to the glass people stood there in amazement ,I shook myself and the glass went back to normal form. Then the dream got really interesting , to say the lest .colorful and in total control very real like and some beautiful sweet smells. Interesting nights dream and sleep.

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