Getting a lot closer!

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Getting a lot closer!

Postby MajorSecond » 05 May 2012 17:00

So today is Saturday, meaning I was able to sleep in this morning. However, my body naturally woke me up at the time I would get up for school. This just so happened to take place during a dream. When I woke up, I realized I had a ton more time to sleep, and decided to focus on going back into the dream and getting a different ending. I started to imagine how it would go and before I knew it, I was in the dream! I didn't realize it at first. Then something incredible happened. I was at my friend's school, listening to the school band play this really cool song that I had never heard before, and then I realized I was dreaming and that my subconscious had come up with the song. Though I can't remember it too well, one of my lucid dream intentions was to write a new song, but since I knew this wouldn't last long enough to look at all the music, I decided to go elsewhere. I left the room and was in the hallway of the school. I just remember thinking how vivid and bright everything was. There was carpet on the hallway floor that was red and blue, but it seemed so much brighter and so enticing. I started to walk around, wanting to go explore the different rooms, as it was a school, but almost as soon as it appeared, the dream turned to black suddenly. I then went into another dream and didn't become lucid. However, I'm so proud of myself! This probably lasted about 30 seconds which is longer than the other 2 times I have become lucid. I'm getting so much closer to having a complete lucid dream experience!

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Re: Getting a lot closer!

Postby Tom.H » 07 May 2012 09:39

Congratulation! You really are getting close, keep it up! :D

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