Wrong and weird perspectives

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Wrong and weird perspectives

Postby Highlander » 09 Jun 2014 11:47

Do you see objects, people, landscapes or buildings with perspectives all wrong in your dreams? I have 2 examples:

1- I'm on a garden and i see a man far away walking towards me. Because he's far, he's tiny. But as he walks towards me i expect to see more of him until he's close to me in a normal size. But when he's close to me, he's with the same tiny size as i saw him far away.

2- This happens to me a lot. I'm in the street and i look at a building with windows covering most of the building. I can see inside it and there's people inside. As i look to, say, the 10th floor, the people there look huge comparing to the people on the floor. From the position i'm in and the distance, by my perspective, they should be smaller.

I don't know if i explained it right. How much this happens to you? And why is that? Is it because in the dream world there's no distance, no perspectives?

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Re: Wrong and weird perspectives

Postby taniaaust1 » 09 Jun 2014 14:27

I actually dont get that happening, my dreams usually are quite realistic and like the real word in things like that.
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Re: Wrong and weird perspectives

Postby Revolution » 09 Jun 2014 19:16

I don't experience that much either.

From my experience I would say that there is perspective and distance in dreams, but I'm sure it varies with different people. Everyone dreams differently. Some people have very realistic dreams in terms of scenery and the ways things appear, but the situation and context are strange and don't make sense. (That is most often how my dreams seem to be) On the other hand there are probably people who have dreams that look strange (like you seem to experience with unusual perspective) but the context could be very realistic.

Nothing to worry about, if anything it should make it easier to begin a lucid dream. :)

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Re: Wrong and weird perspectives

Postby HAGART » 13 Jun 2014 17:13

It happens to me a lot. Maybe because I actually question this sort of thing sometimes in a dream.

I wonder why there is distance at all in a lucid dream since it is all in my head. Sure enough, you don't need to walk places, you can just go there. I once 'teleported' or 'zoomed-in' to an island once, but I realized, am I traveling to the island, or is the island traveling to me?

If you're floating/flying around, are you really traveling or is everything moving around the stationary you, and it gives the illusion of flying?

I'm interested in it and wrote a post in the Science Section about "Illusions and changing perspective". We use so many optical illusions (mental shortcuts to construct our 3D environment) during the day, that we also use them when we dream. But we can purposefully change them, and play around with them simply by changing the way we see it. Changing our perspective.
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