Mine first long lucid dreams

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Mine first long lucid dreams

Postby Jovan » 06 May 2012 11:51

Rebecca, you're the best! Thanks to you, I've finally had a long lucid dream, and not just one, but three! And all in one night!

As I already said in my first thread on this forum, I've already had 2 LDs, but they both woke me up in the very same moment after I became lucid.

This morning, it all changed! I woke up and remembered 2 dreams. Oh, and btw, thanks to having a dream journal (DJ) in which I write every morning, I now remember at least 1 or 2 dreams each morning! Before I've read about DJ on this site, I used to remember only 1 dream in like 6 months or so! Having a DJ is realy helpful!

Back on topic, I was lucid in one of those 2 dreams. But didn't remember anything exept how I became lucid, that I dived in some lake, and that I practiced flying. I tried to fly like a bird, then like in the game "Kinect Adventures" but those ways were not very effective. The Supermen style is the best for me. What happend next I don't know. I hadn't woke up after this LD and since I have had one more non-lucid dream after it (which I also remember), I guess that I just lost lucidity in some way.

When I woke up, I imidiatly wrote those 2 dreams in my DJ, and, since I was still tired, I decided to go for a WILD.

I'm quite afraid of SP hallucinations as I've already said, but it was morning already and it wasn't dark in my room so I wasn't scared. While I lied in bed, I was having a FLD in my mind. Having it in my thoughts made lyind still much easier than usual. I'm not sure if it was a real WILD. I think it was a mixture of more techniques. I will list all of them now.
  1. WILD (I was lying still, and didn't move at all. But still, I don't remember being in SP - maybe I fall asleep before it?)
  2. WBTB (Before going back to sleep, I woke up, got up, wrote in my DJ, and then went back to sleep)
  3. MILD (I was having a FLD in my mind while I was falling asleep)

Can someone tell me which technique I used actualy? Was it a real WILD?

Anyway, at one point I became aware that I was realy dreaming! It wasn't a FLD anymore, now it was a real dream! But I think that I was only semi-lucid since the dream was fuzzy, I didn't have all senses and my sense of touch was quite poor. I think that I wasn't fully lucid because my mind couldn't be sure that it wasn't just a FLD. Does anyone has a suggestion about this issue?

After some time in that semi-lucid dream, I had a FA. I've lost my lucidity and had a normal dream. But then, I realised I was dreaming again! I didn't even have to do a RC. I was absolutely sure it was a real dream. My dream self just said "Fuck this, I'm going to have some fun!", and at that moment: Bum! My hole dream shook as I became fully lucid. It looked like, my hole dream got into my head. I thought that I was waking up - thats realy the best way to explain the feeling in that moment. Does anyone else fell this way when you become fully lucid?

Anyways, long story short - it was the best LD I've had so far! I flyed, dived, talked to my subconsciousse, draw an infinity sign in the air and said "To infinity - and beyond" (thanks Rebecca for an idea). When I'd said that I was sent in the outer space. At this point I could feel that my LD was fading away. I said that I want to get back on the Earth and in the very same moment I was standing on gravel. I rubbed my hands but it haven't helped much. Then I tried to spin but I closed my eyes while spinning and woke up instantly.

So that's the story about my most lucid night yet. I had 3 lucid dreams (one DILD, and two which I dreamed after going for a WILD) and none of them was as short as my first two LDs (http://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1469).

I would like to thank Rebecca and everyone on this forum as well as to the people on subreddit /r/luciddreaming. You all were inspiration for me to keep writing in my DJ and reading about LDs and LD techniques. It was all worth it and I will continue with my DJ and RCs in future.
Sorry for my bad English. Not a native speaker. :(

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