What am I doing wrong?

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What am I doing wrong?

Postby MANDINGO » 09 Jun 2014 19:45

Hi guise.

To start off, I have to say I just recently started attempting what you guise are doing.

I was a marijuana abuser for 7 straight years, out of those 7 years the last 4 years I smoked every day. I've been clean now for 3 weeks.

Honestly, what I wanted to achieve was sleep paralysis so I can hallucinate as I am fascinated by this.

However, I discovered that sleep paralysis hallucinations with your eyes open are just the tip of the iceberg. Althought I haven't achieved any of the following, I decided to move further as attempting this only to get some hallucinations is actually really childish and ignorant. Also, unfair to you guise.

So I decided I'm going the whole way. My first goal is LD, and then slowly to proceed towards astral projection ( which I know will take a lot of time, but hey, time is on my side ).

Firstly, I'd like to share with you my technique as how I induce sleep paralysis. Unfortunately, only my legs fall asleep. I take long deep breaths, and after every breath I say " 1, or whichever number follows and the words "Body asleep, mind awake." Sometimes I get to 100, sometimes to 200 or even 300 and it takes a lot of time. What happens is my legs become REALLY hard to lift and I feel the vibration in my chest.
However, I cannot advance from that stage further on.

So, to conclude, my legs become numb and I feel these strong vibrations in my chest, but can't advance.

How do I achieve full body paralysis and how to I move on from vibrations to the next level (whatever that is ) ??

Sidenote : I focus a bit on the vibrations as I am a bit fascinated by them, but I do not got excited at all. I stay calm.

So... wat do guise??

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Re: What am I doing wrong?

Postby taniaaust1 » 10 Jun 2014 15:26

When you get the vibrations, have you tried to focus on them and tried to intensify them? If you havent done so, I suggest to try that.
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Re: What am I doing wrong?

Postby MANDINGO » 10 Jun 2014 18:22

I will certainly give it a shot.

How would you suggest one would go about doing this? Just focus on the vibrations as much as I can?

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