Self-hypnosis/meditation - are they kind of the same?

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Self-hypnosis/meditation - are they kind of the same?

Postby LD43081 » 09 Jun 2014 22:59


I've been "taking a break" for about a week from "actively" trying to have an LD (was trying too hard, stressed, losing sleep) and am getting ready to get back into it.

I'm going back over the site basically trying to "start from scratch" and I am kind of confused as to the difference between mediation and self-hypnosis. Are they interchangeable? Is one just a more refined form of the other? Do I need to do both? I'm a little new to this part of the deal, so I'm a bit confused.


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Re: Self-hypnosis/meditation - are they kind of the same?

Postby taniaaust1 » 11 Jun 2014 02:44

hypnosis is when someone gets into a relaxed state and starts making "suggestions" to oneself eg "if one is saying over and over to oneself "Im going to lucid dream"

Meditation is a relaxed state too. One can make "suggestions" to oneself in meditations too eg this is often done when people are meditating on a postive affirmation. There are many forms of meditation thou and meditation isnt necessarily anything to do with giving oneself suggestions eg hypnosis
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