The alien world and the park

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The alien world and the park

Postby Vonozar » 10 Jun 2014 09:04

There were these three girls/ young women. One of them was me or became me, one was a couple years older than me and had long dark hair, and one was a few years younger and had red hair. We were a small team part of a larger organization that sent off groups to another world to explore the world and become familiar with it, and kill the large beasts that thrived on the human-like inhabitants. The red haired girl claimed that she couldn't move because she had forgotten how to do her homework. Suddenly we were on the planet traveling down a muddy path on a wooden sled. We were traveling quickly, and the path took us through old sheds and fences making us jump or use our futuristic pistols to blast through them and clear the path. We came to a large open field with one tall, lone tree in it. As we were slowing to a stop near the tree, I could see a group of the native people riding towards us on horses. They seem very angry with us, but by the time we realize this and try to run they are too close and surround the red haired girl and me. The older girl had managed to run far enough away to not be blocked in, but a couple of the natives go and get her and put her on a horse. "Take her to the village. Put her with the animals so she isn't lonely." The leader commands. I notice that some of the natives have a white what appears to be a skull of a large bird and part of the top half of the spine with them. It seems thick and has a grainy look to it. The leader catches me looking at one of them. "Due Due bird." He says, pointing to it. The red haired girl (I'm just going to call her R and the other, older, companion D for red and dark hair from now on.) and I exchange worried looks as we are new to this planet and are concerned about a bird that size. "Due Due!" some of the riders began repeating. One of them, who was staring at us, began laughing. "DUE DUE! DUE DUE!" Some of them stared repeating louder and faster. The two natives with D with them (about ready to leave) stopped what they were doing and reached around to their backs where the skull was. "Why do they keep saying that?!" R asked, on edge. I looked up at the lone tree we were near. Towards the top, somewhat blended in among the leaves, is a very large bird. The bird screech-yells its name and then dives for us. R and I run to a full parking lot that is suddenly there near the tree. R is suddenly inside a car and I am outside of it. I see the bird swoop down and grab the horse D is on in it's mouth, but the weight is too much and it can't fly off. One of the natives is by the horse and uses his skull that he had on his back to block the bird from scratching him, then flips it around and uses the spine to slice off the wing. The leader is near and trying to help stop the bird, but looks about to be hurt. I pull out my futuristic pistol and shoot the bird between the eyes killing it. The leader of the natives comes up to me, puts his hand on my shoulder, nods in approval, and orders his men to go help the horse and D who were injured. Now R, the leader, and I are walking on the outskirts of a city. It is night. We are walking on some sort of pale coral. We come to a black, metal fire escape-like stairway. The coral is growing on the metal, and is emitting a very bright white light. I can hear D singing. The leader touches the coral and the stairway lowers, revealing D. There is coral on her that seem to have formed her clothing. One of her arms had a large cut on it from the bird, and coral was growing out from her coral clothing towards the wound. When it touched the wound, it turned orange and completely healed it before dissolving into the air. "She is completely healed. Now, go explore." The leader of the natives says before turning around and walking off. We make our way down and through the back of a restaurant. Everyone in the restaurant stops and stares at us as we walk through the building to the street entrance. Now it's daytime and I'm standing in a small park back on Earth. The location reminds me of a busy intersection near my house, but the roads are gone now with either smooth sandstone or white marble forming paths in their place depending on which direction you wanted to go. I was watching a young girl about 11-12 years old beg a man to give her all his possessions as she had nothing. The man gladly does so, opening up his long coat and emptying every pocket. "That's all except the key to my father's house." He tells the girl. Something he said or did seems to bother the girl, and she leaves him seeming lost in her thoughts. The man walks past a swing set, the only play equipment in the park, and walks up to a woman with a group of people with her and says "I believe in this cause. The need to help is great." The woman smiles at him, then turns to address the group. She begins talking about how children in poorer countries could use assistance with things, and that everyone should donate $7 to help get them things they need. The swing set in the park begins to expand as people donate, like a weird way to keep track of how much was raised. With each expansion the swings change color. Green first, then pink, then red, then purple, then blue and back to green. Happy with this, the woman tells the group to gather in an area off to the side of the park. The area is surrounded by tons of pink rose bushes. I walk off and leave the group now, and walk down one of the pathways that used to be a road in the direction of my house. When I come to the hill, a staircase forms guiding me down the hill. On the side of the path are more pink rose bushes. I wake up and think I feel someone touch my eyelids. Startled, I open my eyes and look around my room. Nobody's there. I do a set of reality checks to make sure this isn't a FA (which it wasn't). Huh. Hallucination, I guess.

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Re: The alien world and the park

Postby TillyPink » 11 Jun 2014 22:48

And i'll say it again...E P I C !

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Re: The alien world and the park

Postby HAGART » 12 Jun 2014 02:48

Vonozar wrote:"Due Due!" some of the riders began repeating. One of them, who was staring at us, began laughing. "DUE DUE! DUE DUE!" Some of them stared repeating louder and faster.

How do you know it's spelled that way? Maybe they were saying, "Doo-doo!" ;)
I'd laugh at doo-doo jokes too like that one DC that began laughing. :lol:
(I actually meant it as a joke, but I might be right. Only you know the actual MOOD of the scene, so you would know better than me.)

That's the extent of my dream interpretation abilities :P . The rest truly is epic, and it was just 'one of those nights', and no surprise your lucid one was epic too.

I don't know what it is, REM rebound, sleep time, WBTB, or the perfect cocktail of brain chemicals like melatonin, seratonin, and perhaps even a pinch of DMT that does it. Whatever it is, it's like all the ingredients were there for a strong night of dreaming. I know what it's like to have a night of epic dreams, but leave it up to chance, and still quite can't figure out the magic formula.
If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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