I remembered part of a strange Lucid Dream

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I remembered part of a strange Lucid Dream

Postby Juggernaut625 » 11 Jun 2014 21:55

Hello everyone, so I was just thinking while reading up on LD's about some of my past LD's. I can remember most of them, some more vividly than others and this one was very vivid though I only remembered part of it (Actually just remembered more of it as I wrote this lol)

Here goes:

I'm walking into my front gate in school, it's dark which makes me questions why I'm going into school in this lighting. The ground is giving off a dim but strong, Halloween like orange colour. I walk past my entrance and there is a path leading down a hill, which I feel is urging me to walk down. I walk down it, and proceed along blue shutter-like fences until I turn around a corner. A herd of people, loosely fit start walking my direction. I try to communicate to ask what's happening, but instead they all barge past me like I'm not even there. I start to question reality as I don't usually get ignored in such a manner. I follow them back up the hill, and when I get over the top they're gone. Another herd of people, different come walking my direction from the front gate. I again try to communicate, but when I do so it's as if a scripted act has been engaged and the herd starts to scurry past me, and the top of the hill starts getting very windy, and I start hearing monsters growling at the top so I run with the crowd. They all seem to be faster than me and I'm met with the same scenario again, they ran around the corner and when I turned they were all gone. The exact same happened again and at this point I started doing reality checks. I attempted putting my hand through the blue shutter's with no luck, but it was when the herd just completely clipped through me as if I was invisible is when I popped into Lucidity. I got quite excited and tried to calm myself down, doing the jumping reality check. As expected, once I jumped I did not come back down. After a few seconds of floating I stumbled back onto my feet, when the orange tint seemed to disappear then it was suddenly light again. I walked into my schools music area to be greeted by someone who asked me to take off my top to proceed. I complied, but tried to get it back and after she resisted it got a bit erotic though was quickly interrupted by a security guard coming in and trying to grab me. I ran through the door to be greeted by what looked like my whole school year standing on the field. The glass from a bridge which linked the school and the music area suddenly shattered, and the pieces started floating above each individual including me. They started getting a blue glow and at this point I lost my lucidity. I got back into the dream and started trying to reach for my blue glow. Everyone else was reaching it and started floating up. For some reason I got the impression that they were going to heaven, so I refrained from reaching any further for mine. My close relatives suddenly were standing beside me and grabbed the blue glow, and floated up into the distance. I got very emotional and eventually grabbed it, hoping I would see them again. My peripheral vision eventually went black, then my sight was lost. Within seconds I woke up.

Apologies for the length, but I just thought this was really strange. What do you think?

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Re: I remembered part of a strange Lucid Dream

Postby YinyangDK » 31 Jul 2014 13:06

My answer might be more cryptic then your dream. LD is very much like what the secret service called Far Viewing. You enter a state where you are conscious in your unconsciousness as a 3rd. part observer. In this state you are more likely to pick up on different wavelengths also in this state of being. Wavelengths of the same wavelengths will harmonize and become stronger. Same wavelengths carry the same energy, so all your experience are shared at the moment with the hole wave.
Your Dream seems sad somehow. But the feel I get is that you have experienced a foreign body experience.
Your seem to know your surroundings, but people act strange around you - and you do not know why.
If you experience this kind of dream again try to shift to 3rd. person view it might help you let go of the dream if you find it boring or too strange. :P

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