Hello! And can any experienced dreamers help me??

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Hello! And can any experienced dreamers help me??

Postby Vish » 14 Jun 2014 18:32

My name is Vish and i am 14. So this happened like a couple of months ago. I had a dream and while i was dreaming i realised that i was dreaming. So i was really afraid and didnt know what to do. Thats when i saw other characters in my dream do fun stuff. So i tried to do what they were doing and i was able to do it. Thats when i got really excited and then i woke up. After waking up i thought i was just imagining that i could control dreams. Then it happened again yesterday but this time i woke up the moment i realised i was dreaming. So i started to google if it was really possible to control dreams and then i came to know about lucid dreams and some tips on how to lucid dream and stuff like that. Before today i didnt know that it was possible to lucid dream but i naturally controlled dreams without realizing it was "actually" possible. Which means i naturally learned to lucid dream. Now i am not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing. And that is why i need help. Can anyone tell me if it is good or bad??

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Re: Hello! And can any experienced dreamers help me??

Postby panaginip » 19 Jun 2014 10:38

wow, you're gifted!

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