I found a new use for dream journals…

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I found a new use for dream journals…

Postby emberfire012 » 15 Jun 2014 17:17

Ok so I found my dream journals from the last year, from May 15, 2013 to now. Today, I read all of my dreams and I found many similarities between dreams, and on this website, I learned that if you note your common dream themes, you could use them to aid lucidity. The two most common themes are buildings and places with long, labyrinthine hallways that go on forever (Seriously. Once, I wasted a lucid dream trying to escape one) and being chased by something and hiding. In chronological order, here are common themes and characters:
May 2013:
-things being stolen
-helicopters and rockets
-middle school
(June to November got lost)
December 2013:
-field trips
-the country
January 2014:
-anime characters
-The Doctor and the TARDIS (from Doctor Who)
February 2014:
-places that sell food
-strange happenings in the school cafeteria
-Divergent (movie and book)
-social studies/bedroom hybrid
-moving houses
-weird stores
March 2014:
-false awakenings about being late
-passing out
-death of pets
-grandparent's house
May 2014:
-colored pencils
-amusement park
June 2014 (present time)
-Harry Potter
-River Song (from Doctor Who)
-Eight (from a book series called Lorien Legacies)
-second to last day of school
-field trips
The themes present throughout the dream journal were:
-water, floods and bodies of water
-locker room at school leading to alternate dimensions
-pet death
-waking up
-being late
-Doctor Who
-travel (field trips, quests, etc)
-fiction being real
And that's why we keep dream journals, folks! They provide us with a lot of information, as well as aid our dream memory and help us lucid dream! If you have any idea about what any of these things mean, please tell me! If you have any questions, ask me! Bye! (That was a lot of exclaimation marks…)

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Re: I found a new use for dream journals…

Postby QueenNoir » 20 Aug 2014 20:21

I think this is a good idea. I think I'm going to go into my dream journal and pick out the themes. It's really interesting to see the reoccurring themes of our dreams!

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Re: I found a new use for dream journals…

Postby taniaaust1 » 09 Sep 2014 08:52

emberfire012 wrote:If you have any idea about what any of these things mean, please tell me!

-things being stolen (loss of something in your life or someone taking something which should be yours, it could even be credit for something you've done rather then an object)

-helicopters and rockets .. rockets, high goals

-middle school - learning something in life (not something basic or advanced)

-travel - represents life journey

-places that sell food - the things you use to substain yourself in life. What kind of food it sells will say a lot more. junk food? healthy food? fun food?

-moving houses changing the basis of your thinking or beliefs, a major situation in life changing, a body change eg if you were dieting. A new you

--false awakenings about being late Possible worry in life about being late manifesting in dreams. Maybe you felt like you were acting too slowly over something.

-passing out This kind of dream can show someone something you werent aware of before so pay attention to passing out dreams. It can represent something you are missing seeing in life.

-death of pets The loss of something in your life you care about (not necessarily something alive).


-suicide Something in your life you want to excape from and may take drastic action to do so

-colored pencils The individual colours often tell something. Pencils can be about your creativity

-dogs . Can represent yourself or your friends in life

-boredom Represents boredom in life

-schools/colleges learning something in life, collage -advanced lessons in something (could be any kind of lesson even a spiritual one).

-tornado Some kind of life disaster,

-test Life challenge you need to get throu or hopefully pass.

-summer brightness in life, happiness, having warmness is life, loving family etc etc (if its unpleasant thou its something else).

-amusement park Fun in life

-storms Some kind of challenge (the bigger the storm, the bigger the challenge)

-apocolaypse A life disaster.

-second to last day of school A lifes lesson or a learning period almost nearly over

-water, floods and bodies of water represents emotions. The state of the water will tell about the emotions.
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Re: I found a new use for dream journals…

Postby jazzy_turnip » 09 Jan 2015 11:10

Awesome that you dream about The Doctor. :)

I've found a good use for dream journals too. If you're ever stuck when writing a story, well, your mind has already written some for you.
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