I knew it's not real, but didn't start lucid dreaming

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I knew it's not real, but didn't start lucid dreaming

Postby Windzal » 19 Jun 2014 20:18

Hello. Today I had a really strange experience in my dream. I was dreaming that my friend got in a fight with a horrible creature (I couldn't see them, but I heard). At one point I was going to help him (I felt like this situation supposed to test my courage), but then I resisted and stooped, because I felt scared and logically thought that my appearance will not change anything and I can't do anything to protect him. But the strange moment was that on some level I knew this isn't real situation (I haven't thought about dreaming), because I thought "if I can't help him in this 'dimension', I will not help him in the reality". So why didn't I start lucid dreaming and didn't go to help him? Maybe I was scared because I thought if something happens to me in this 'dimension' the same will happen in the reality. Can someone explain? And what this part of my dream could tell me about myself?

Also, in my dreams I often dream people from my life. How to interpret them appearing?

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Re: I knew it's not real, but didn't start lucid dreaming

Postby torakrubik » 19 Jun 2014 22:58

You were just aware enough to realise that you were not experiencing waking reality, but still not aware enough to realise you were dreaming fully. It's a weird place to be, semi-lucid, but it does happen a lot. I can't interpret your dream for you, but I would say that people you know appearing in your dreams happens to virtually everyone so there probably isn't anything more to be said about that in particular.
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Re: I knew it's not real, but didn't start lucid dreaming

Postby tpratt » 20 Jun 2014 20:34

I agree with torakrubik about the lucid dreaming. As for interpreting people showing up in your dreams, I know if it's a friend from the past it usually signifies some characteristics of that friend you probably used to have and need to get back. To dream that your friend is being attacked is probably a signal that one of your common qualities is in danger of dying within you.

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