Confusing Dream

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Confusing Dream

Postby hezekiah » 22 Jun 2014 20:48

There was an office building. I was doing something there.. Can't remember what. I was walking around and there started to be less and less people the more I walked. I came about around a corner and there was this table with two seats. There was a woman sitting in one and so I decided to sit across from her. I believe she said "hi." She smiled. I then proceeded to ask her what it was like to be in my dream. She opened her mouth and was about to say something when there was a quick roar and everything started to get sucked into this darkness. That was the only dream I could remember that night and I usually can remember several each night. There might've been a giant swirl but I cannot recall. Any insight? Similar experiences?

Uvita Henville
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Re: Confusing Dream

Postby Uvita Henville » 15 Jul 2014 14:10


You have written down the dream which is a great start. Why don't you sit down and ask yourself what each symbol mean to you in the dream. For example what does the office building mean to you, what does the table, sits, woman mean etc. Ask yourself what each simple mean to you and write down the first response that comes to your head. Your unconscious mind will give you the answer. If you are not sure how to do this there is a brilliant website that shows you how for free. Check it out

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