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Postby johncarter » 24 Jun 2014 04:52

Hi everyone,

my name is John. I have recently began exploring the world of lucid dreaming and the people in my life are not understanding this experience at all.

It would be nice to share these experience with people who are also exploring them.

I've had three experiences where I've felt a degree of lucidity in my dreams. My most recent one allowed me to fly over my city. However, it wasn't at all like my city, it was a huge 3D sacred geometry mishmash of a city. Quite beautiful.

One thing I realize about my dreams is that they tend to be in a greyscale-highlighted tint. I know there are colours, but that's not what they appear as. Very weird to describe. Anyone else feel this way?

A good question I'd like to put out there for everyone is do you believe there's a spirituality to lucid dreaming or is it simply (or complicatedly) cognitive workings of the brain?

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Re: Hello

Postby JonSnowLD » 25 Jun 2014 21:45

Hey Jon, welcome to the forum :)

My family doesn't understand lucid dreams very much either-this is a great place to discuss lucid experiences though!

I can't say I experience the greyscale highlight visuals as you do but I've read of people who dream only in black and white so it is not unknown ;) you could try changing the colours and their vividness in a lucid dream and see what happens!

As for your question-I feel that dreams definitely have that spiritual potential. I'm not saying they're all oozing prophecy and enlightenment but I feel that some dreams are more profound than others. I haven't experienced a dream as spiritual as this but I hope to one day! :)

How about yourself- What are your own views on spiritual dreams/workings of the brain?

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Re: Hello

Postby Karin » 26 Jun 2014 16:08

Hi John,

Welcome! I am a beginner lucid dreamer, and I am very interested in BOTH how the brain works physically and in spirituality.

What I am hoping for, is that lucid dreaming will help me figure out more of how the brain works, AND help me explore more of my unconscious mind (who I am as whole being as opposed to just my body, brain and thoughts), AND also help me understand more of how reality in general works (not just physical reality, but possibly other 'realities' as well).

I think that in order to understand something, the more different perspectives one has, the more accurate the representation will be. So far in my life I have spent a lot of time trying to understand things from a scientific perspective and from a five sense perspective, now I want to explore more from the dream perspective, not as a contradiction to what I already know, but as added dimensions to it.

I find it fascinating how in dreams it is very easy to manifest things, and to see our unconscious beliefs and fears represented in the dream (e.g. fears manifest as frightening figures chasing us, etc...). I see it not only as an invaluable tool in understanding more of our unconscious selves, but also I am suspecting it might help me understand more of how physical reality itself works: maybe it's a type of dream too, of a different kind, where everything is much more solid and slow to change, but nevertheless might be shaped by our beliefs too. I am suspecting 'Seeing is believing' might in fact not be as accurate as 'Believing is seeing'.

In summary, I am hoping that by waking up more in dreams, I might wake up more in reality as well. 8-)

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