Reversed dying

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Reversed dying

Postby crazyguitarking » 25 Jun 2014 21:18

Hello pals

I had the weirdest awakening EVER today.
I slept during the day for a few hours because I have a lot of sleep to catch up and so I slept.
First I had one of my regular dreams and later when I "woke up" I actually entered a second dream within the dream (something I often have). And weirdly enough I realised I was dreaming immediately when I saw my laptop was broken in two but still worked. Normally when things are broken or people are dead I start to panic because I'm not aware it's a dream, but this time I actually realised I was dreaming though within my dream I totally forgot what a lucid dream was.

Because I forgot what a lucid dream was I wasn't thinking of controlling everything the way I wanted I did it a bit but just barely. I just let the story play without intervention of me wanting to control my dream even though I was aware of dreaming (weird I would always like to shape my dream the way I want).

So the most important part of this dream is the actual awakening. The dream I described is a quite common dream for me but the way I woke up was... kinda scary actually.

I'll start right here: So because I didn't have a lot of strenght to control my dream because even in my dream in my dream I was exhausted I just said to myself "ah well I might as well wake up it's late already I still have some stuff to do". Even though I had no idea how to wake up from such a deep sleep I just did, don't ask me how, I just did, my eyes just went open... with a blurry view. BUT IT WAS DEFINITELY NOT A THIRD DREAM, it was real life I actually saw my room.

BUT BUT BUT. Now I haven't told you anything weird yet! I saw my room but did I feel anything? No. Did I hear anything? NO. I just saw. Even my neck was paralysed, I couldn't but my neck straight (it was bent), I just didn't had the ability to do anything but watch. BUT I COULD SPEAK!

So I spoke and I even yelled a bit and YES! I did hear it like I had very efficient headphones or ear muters or isolators. I heard my voice like it was miles away, why did I call this post inverted dying? Well I got told that when you die you first stop to hear and afterwards stop to see so I thought this is the inversion.

First I started seeing then I started hearing then I started feeling and afterwards I started to be able to move again.

Pretty interesting experience in my opinion, wondering what this means though.

Thanks to the readers share your opinion for sure!

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Re: Reversed dying

Postby torakrubik » 26 Jun 2014 00:33

Sounds like because you forced yourself awake, your body was still in sleep paralysis. I think you experienced the body slowly allowing you to move again.
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Re: Reversed dying

Postby Xtreme_Walrus » 30 Jul 2014 04:48

I agree with torakrubik, you probably just woke up in the middle of sleep paralysis and were having auditory hallucinations. Sometimes it can be confusing as to whether something is a false awakening or sleep paralysis. Yesterday morning I woke up (I think) and everything was blurry. I didn't feel paralyzed, but I wasn't moving. My eye started twitching and there was something on top of my door that was green and had a bunch of legs (reminded me of an elephant for some reason) and the legs were moving wildly. It was sort of scary. I switched from one eye to the other (by winking with my left eyelid) and everything was fine, and then I go back to my twitchy eyeball and there the elephant is again. Finally my eyes stopped weirding out and everything was back to normal. I never woke up again, so I don't think it was a false awakening, and I didn't feel paralyzed, so I don't think it was sleep paralysis. Maybe just a hallucination? I'm not sure.
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