A very sad WILD/lucid dream/semi-lucid dream/non lucid dream

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A very sad WILD/lucid dream/semi-lucid dream/non lucid dream

Postby emberfire012 » 26 Jun 2014 15:01

Around 5:30 AM in my part of the world, I woke up and I couldn't really get back to sleep. I then started thinking about some really disturbing topics, like murder, child abuse, etc. I fell asleep while still thinking about those subjects, creating my first and saddest WILD ever.
I was in a children's hospital, standing in front of a mirror, where I was wearing pink yoga pants and a t-shirt, and I looked like I was in preschool again. I was already lucid, though I did a reality check and stabilized myself with a math problem.
I then proceeded to run down the hallway. Down the hallway came nurses and doctors rolling large machines that looked deadly and lethal, and large windows revealed that the hospital was on a beautiful beach, right next to a resort.
At this point, I woke up, but I didn't move, and I went back to sleep, but this time when I reentered the dream, I wasn't lucid. This time, I was a cancer patient at the hospital, and my best friend and all of my favorite fictional characters (all as kids) shared a ward with me, and we decided to play House (a game I loved when I was in preschool.) By the end of the game, we were all "married" and had "jobs". By then, me and the rest of those kids were bored, so they dared me to walk out on a large red beam that helped support another part of the hospital. I did, and it was actually pretty easy, because of the width of the beam.
But then came the tragic part. We discovered a machine that could kill people in less than a second by cutting off their heads and cutting their midsections, and we all were sick of living as sick cancer patients, so we all arranged a mass suicide for each other. The next morning in the dream, it was time for the suicide, and as the first person to be killed climbed into the machine, I became semi lucid and decided that I wanted to live. So I watched, in agony, as my only friends in that cold, unforgiving hospital willingly killed themselves. In the dream, I was actually trying not to look, and instead, crying out miserably.
When they were all gone, I went into the bathroom and cried my heart out. I looked into the mirror and saw my real self, not my preschool self, and I had mascara running down my cheeks (I don't wear makeup), and my little sister was next to me, even though she wasn't. I saw that, and I became lucid. I ran down the hall, again, and I kept on running away from the pain the machines caused me.
I eventually came to the window where I saw the beach resort, and instead, the windows showed a cold, rainy, industrial wasteland, with mountains in the distance. I walked a little bit more, head down, crying, when I came to an Asian style bamboo bridge. At the end of it was just more hospital, but since I was lucid, I had an idea. I imagined a beautiful place at the end of the bridge, and I walked across it, right into a beautiful, rainy garden with a greenhouse in the middle. I went into the greenhouse and sat on a pillow of moss, and I pointed my finger at an empty spot across from me and I asked my dream for a companion to sit with me. A frequent dream character of mine, a boy named Eight, came and sat with me, even though I swore I saw him get into the murder machine. We didn't say anything, and we just sat there, quietly comforting each other. Then, all the sudden, I was in my room with no idea how I got there, and my mom came in and told me we've been robbed, and that's when I noticed the shattered paintings all around my room, and new, unframed ones were on the wall. My mom said she bought the unframed ones and tried to hang them, and right after she said that, I woke up.
If you've read my post about my reoccuring dream symbols, then I think the ones that appeared in this dream was:
-water (the rain and ocean)
-labyrinthine hallways (the hospital went on forever, it seemed!)
-suicide (self explanitory, plus I had a friend who was suicidal last year, and thankfully didn't do it)
-my dream character friend Eight (he's from a book series called Lorien Legacies, and he's been in my dreams a lot lately for some reason.)
Wow, that was a long post, and that took me one and a half hour to write. So, keep dreaming, pals!

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