dreams of real

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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dreams of real

Postby maiches » 05 Jul 2014 07:09

4/7/14 Got up 2 am had a glass of water went back to bed just lying there.Then all this noise like a band was going on I turned around and lots of people in a basement and I thought shit get out of here and I walked through a big concrete wall and everybody just looked at me .I felt all tingle I stopped in the middle of the wall and could see all the stones and cement little tiny dots etc. I went through and out the other side . I then walked through lots of buildings for a block or two people in the rooms doing what they do but could not see me ,glass was bending lots of colors then i jumped into a mirror and came out into an alleyway with a brick surface i bent down to pick up a coin and my hand went into the ground up to my shoulders .I ran took off and started flying and landed on the beach. Thought id walk through the ocean as this was my dream and I know I can control and do what i like in it.I could see as the water was crystal clear rocks lovely colors fish of some kind swimming around life like bubbles coming out of my mouth then a lady grabbed me took me in her arms and flew me back to the beach not my place to be she said.I sat on a stone wall and just watched the sea waves come in with many scenes of change happening and yes I knew that I was dreaming the hole time talking to people etc was a fun night in bed heho.

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