Hello from a sunny country!!

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Hello from a sunny country!!

Postby Darthvander » 02 Jun 2011 03:34

Hello!! Olá!!! I´m from Brazil, 39 years old and very interested in lucid dreams!! I´m sending a hug for Rebecca and all lucid dreamers from all around !! we cannot share our dreams yet(who knows some day.. I hope so!) but we can learn together how to live "twice at once..in the dream domain...with our souls set free to fly..." as said on that great song!!

Your "Dream friend" ;)

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Re: Hello from a sunny country!!

Postby Jonathan » 03 Jun 2011 03:03

Hey Darth! Welcome to the forum. I am looking forward to your posts. :)

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Re: Hello from a sunny country!!

Postby Seto_Blade » 06 Jun 2011 18:00

Thanks for the hug, bud. Right back at ya! We've got the beginnings of a great community here, so if you've got anything on your mind that you want to ask or say, don't hesitate to make a topic about it!

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