Coming back to the Team!

Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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Coming back to the Team!

Postby JukaZachelon » 15 Jul 2014 14:57

Hey you! I'm Juka, and i'm a newcomer on Lucid Dreaming, well, mostly, because i've tried that before, but i feel that i didn't try hard enough (Or i did try TOO hard), and this time i'm gonna do everything that i need to achieve a Lucid Dream!
Some facts about me:
Did you achieve Lucid Dream in the last try? - No i didn't, but some months after giving up i had an almost Lucid Dream, it was blurry and i had not much control, but i could spin, look at my hands (Which had 5 long fingers instead of a thumb), and i could even move a Sofa with my mind (The first thing i tried xD), i only failed in striking the same Sofa with a thunderbolt

Why did you give up? - Sincerely, it was not going anywhere, i barely dreamed at all, my dreams had nothing recurring and the worst, my family found my Dream Journal, and told me that thing didn't exist, that killed me inside and i gave up, now i have science on my side and i know it's real, even though i must keep it in secret this time

How were your dreams in your last tries? - They were random, i remember one in a huge flatland with a amusement park, the Simpsons were there, it was a cool dream but no Lucidity xD

How are your dreams now? - Still nothing recurring, but most have something to do with relationships, even though i have none in Real Life, always with appealing and fun girls

So if you have any advice for me, feel free to let it here, i'm happy to be back to the [email protected]

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Re: Coming back to the Team!

Postby JonSnowLD » 15 Jul 2014 21:53

Welcome back then man! Science is always good to have on your side ;) although it does suck that so many of us are viewed as weird for being into lucid dreams!

Ironic you got lucid after you stopped have up hope though!

See you around ;)

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Re: Coming back to the Team!

Postby Xbonk123X » 15 Jul 2014 22:27

Welcome Back :D

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