Guess i should introduce myself

Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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Guess i should introduce myself

Postby SGMGI » 17 Jul 2014 12:28

Hello to all dreamers. My name is Michael, and I am very excited to have re found this community. I made my account a while ago, but never really got round to posting or being active, which i plan to change now :D
On/Off Lucid dreamer with a little experience, but it does not come naturally and i would not consider myself to be an advanced oneironaut!

However i am looking forward to getting to know you all and exploring the deep chasms of my mind.
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Re: Guess i should introduce myself

Postby Summerlander » 17 Jul 2014 13:29

Welcome, my friend. I have a son called Michael. I look forward to learning from you! B-)

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