Reality Checking in dreams

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Reality Checking in dreams

Postby Necrox » 21 Jul 2014 01:19

The night before last night, I semiconsciously wondered if it was a dream but nothing happened (near end of dream). Last night, I dreamed about reality checking. I leaned on a wall with both my hands and fell through after a second (the check might've been semiconscious). Am I getting close or is this just another thing from real life showing up in dreams? Has this happened to anyone?

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Re: Reality Checking in dreams

Postby JonSnowLD » 21 Jul 2014 10:53

It's probably a sign that you're close to being lucid. When you reality check make sure you really are testing you're state. If you do it without thinking about it whilst awake, chances are you will reality check half heartedly when dreaming as well. This means you could conclude you're awake when you are actually dreaming-this sounds like what happened to you last night!

I have had dreams where I have been thinking about lucid dreaming but not realised it was a dream-I think it's something that happens to most LDers XD just make sure when you RC,you really think about whether its a dream :)

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Re: Reality Checking in dreams

Postby GalMutzafy » 21 Jul 2014 15:03

Yeah, happened to me twice or maybe more too, I looked at my hands and though it was strange shape looking, I didn't get lucid.

But it is a sign that you are closer, even it failed or succeeded, you did reality check in your dreams or thought about it in your dreams, its a big step towards lucid dreaming.

I recommend listening to what JohnSnow said above ^
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