Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Postby Karin » 29 Jul 2014 19:49

Last night was an epic lucid dream marathon for me... :roll: I did not sleep much, but I experienced lots of 'firsts'. :)


I went to bed at 10:30pm, and around 12:30pm stomach pains woke me up. I am very familiar with these pains since I have had them on and off for about 20 years, and when they hit, I have no other choice than to get up and walk around the house for an hour or two, drinking as much water as I can, and wait until they go away. Maybe it's an on and off stomach ulcer, no idea.

Anyways, when I went back to bed at around 2:00am, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to try inducing a WILD again. So I did what I did in LD#3 and #4: meditating while lying on my back. It took a while (no idea how much time, maybe an hour), but at some point I started feeling the familiar body vibration sensations. I do not remember any audio buzzing this time.

Below is an account of what I remember.

- While half-meditating, half-asleep, half-vibrating (in that in-between state), I see a window. I pass through this window, and this induces clarity and lucidity: I find myself high in the sky, overlooking a landscape. I slowly fly down, enjoying the awesome feeling of freedom and expansiveness. All the colors are bright. It is the first time that the transition point between the vibration stage and the LD manifests itself as a window. Cool! 8-)

- At some point in this landscape, I kiss a dream character (only for the sake of scientific experiment, no romance, LOL :lol: ). All the mouth sensations were there, and it was a pretty wet one, LOL. :lol: This is the first time I am experiencing other senses than vision in an LD. However, even though the DC had a body, I was not aware of my own body, just my mouth. It actually felt as if I was a flying mouth kissing a regular walking person... :roll:

- I then asked to experience more of my higher self, and this triggered vibration sensations in the LD, which drew me back into my body. I did not get any 'higher self experiences', but while I was back in contact with my body vibrations, it occurred to me to check if my brain was OK. After LD#4, I had major head pressure, anxiety, and a feeling that my brain had been fried, which lasted several days afterwards. I was concerned that this might happen again this time, so I decided to check my head: what I saw and felt was a very intense buzzing 'energy current' coming out of my forehead, buzzing and jerking around like an electric arc, starting at the center of my forehead and extending about one foot out. (Note: I have no idea what this represents, but in any case, even though it was very 'high voltage', I had a feeling it was all working OK. Maybe last time something went wrong there...)

- I then went back and forth several times between dreamscapes and vibrating body. I do not remember all of it. One dreamscape I remember was a kind of cartoon dreamscape consisting of three 2D layers, with static Disney DCs. Nothing really happened there and I tried to move to another dreamscape. In another dreamscape, I was flying next to an airplane. What seems to work really well for me to change the landscape, is to move through windows, walls, or floors: on the other side, I find myself somewhere else, with enhanced clarity.

- At some point, I decided to try again to experience my higher self, and this time it occurred to me to sink into the ground (no idea why I thought of that). I found myself in a rocky cave-like dreamscape, with a stone path going up. I commented to myself that once again, this did not seem to have anything to do with my higher self, but then I noticed something: there were engravings in the rock path. I went there to take a closer look, and as I was walking along the path inspecting its surface, I could see all these engravings looking a bit like the screen code numbers in The Matrix movie. There also were names and dates, and other symbols engraved. I also noticed that all along the path, there were loose LEGO pieces of various colors and shapes. Wow, that is certainly NOT how I was picturing my higher self to be, LOL. :lol: (Side note: I am now wondering if this could be a representation of the 'template level reality' that Bashar always talks about, which he says is the level between the physical self and the higher self, where the higher self lays down the blueprint of the physical experience to be experienced by the physical self...)

- At some point, I remember finding myself in my body (no vibration), lying on my bed. All was quiet, but I had a feeling I was still in a dream. I noticed a man-sized body standing up near my nightstand, close to my head. I could only see his body outline, not the features. I tried to move and to address him, but I found I was paralyzed and could not talk. That was a first for me, to experience something reminiscent of sleep paralysis in an LD. Strangely, I was not afraid, just wondering if I was dreaming and if this man was a DC or my husband. (Note: this morning I asked him and he said it was definitely not him. Also, he did not notice anything unusual and did not hear me talk in my sleep.)

I then slept for a while, and woke up around 5:00am to use the bathroom. I went back to bed hoping to sleep a bit more before my 7:00am alarm clock goes off, and I quickly found myself in a LD again! :D

- This time, I decide to try meeting Bashar again. I feel myself being sucked up in something that I think might be a space ship. However, once I am in there, the interior looks more like an old Earth-style apartment. I first find myself in a room where a DC is doing a kind of introduction to this place, explaining how things work, etc... Unfortunately, I do not remember any details. After this is over, I am directed to a corridor. I take a wrong turn, find myself in a dead end, try to go through walls, but it's not going anywhere. Another DC shows up and notifies my that I took a wrong turn, and leads me to the exit. Out there, I find myself in a beautiful landscape, with magnificent trees in a grassy plain. The leaves and the grass are very colorful, and the trees look somewhat Earth-like, but at the same time a bit different. Everything looks very vivid. I notice that I am walking next to April (the assistant for Bashar's human channel). I ask her whether we are on Earth or somewhere else, and she says somewhere else. I ask her why the trees look so Earth-like, and she answers something that makes sense, but now I can't remember what. I also ask her if the bodies we have here are the same as our Earth bodies, and she says they look the same but they are different. (Note that it is the first time I have a back and forth interaction with a DC in a LD, that's another first.)

- We then arrive to an old three-story stone building, standing on the top of a hill. In there, we are greeted by three DCs. Bashar is a small old thing lying down on a couch and being taken care of by a DC. I zoom in on his eyes, which look huge and seem to each have four eyelids: two thick ones, and two membrane-looking ones. This is certainly NOT was I was expecting to see. :roll: Anyways, I enthusiastically say that I am a huge fan, and offer my heart, and at that moment I find myself being forcefully pulled backwards, kind of like 'being sucked' back down into another dreamscape, where the only thing I can see are two symbols. At first I don't know what they mean, but then I am 'being told' that these symbols mean rejection. :roll: OK, I was rejected by my favorite metaphysical teacher, I am sure glad it was only a dream! :lol:

This ended an epic night of lucid dreaming, and today I totally feel sleep deprived! :lol:

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