Talking to my dream characters

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Talking to my dream characters

Postby Siwel » 01 Aug 2014 13:52

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share with you all last nights lucid dream experience as I woke up from it quite baffled. Basically I remember from my dream that lucidity wasn't easily being lost, there were ridiculous amounts of triggers and for some reason I felt very aware even when lucidity was fading slightly.

My dream began in a shopping centre, I cannot begin to describe it, so I'll let your own imaginations make up the scenery haha. There was a dream character with blonde, longish hair and very pale skin. I believe his eyes were blue/brown or green. (Apologies for not remembering)

I remember we interacted quite a lot in the scene before hand but I ended up seeing Demi Lovato, the singer. That instantly triggered lucidity and I decided to actually speak with this blonde character using my own words. From the moment we spoke properly the dream character seemed to be drawing me into the dream quite a lot, but lucidity remained in tact despite it slowly fading and returning.

I looked the character in the eyes fully concious and asked him what he represented, being able to ask this question to a character is always an interesting experience. The moment I asked he looked quite shocked and responded “I represent opposing views.” he also mentioned something about the differences between people but I unfortunately don’t remember the exact line he used. Suddenly, out of the blue, the dream character then started shouting at me and it wasn’t in his voice, I remember being able to hear a new voice, it was my own voice. The character said a quote that I had said in reality (I really wish I remembered it!) All I remember now with him is that after he said it I basically just hugged him and he appeared shocked and sorta hugged me back. We stood there hugging in the shop for a while, it was both unusual and a lovely moment.

The next two dream characters I encountered were in my dining room. Being a big fan of the show Avatar the legend of korra I did bring the water bending into the dream. These two characters were water bending at me and I remember even whilst slightly lucid I was hiding so I wouldn't get hit! I then remember asking them what they represented. The response was baffling. Only one of the characters responded and simply replied "Birds and bees." This made so much sense to me within my dream that I manage to make a mental note pad which I could write down this phrase on. I still see slightly what it meant but I would like to hear your thoughts on the meaning behind it. I hope that's enough information to share here, there are more moments but they're blurry and not as relevant from what I remember.

Thank you for reading :)

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Re: Talking to my dream characters

Postby Karin » 01 Aug 2014 15:44

Great that you were able to hug that shouting aspect of yourself!

Also, very cool that you were able to produce that mental note pad. I wish I could do that, since several times I did hear or see names or sentences or symbols that I really wanted to remember, but then when I woke up I couldn't remember!

Concerning the 'birds and bees', here are my thoughts. Since I am not familiar with Avatar the Legend of Korra, I might be missing something. Anyways: Maybe the 'birds and bees' mean that these characters represent your 'origin', the origin of your thoughts or of your creativity (as in using 'birds and bees' to describe how babies are made), and throwing water at you might be throwing creative ideas and inspiration to you? Just a wild guess. Other than that, maybe a male/female, or yin/yang aspect of you?

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