My second lucid dream :)

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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My second lucid dream :)

Postby marsipan » 03 Aug 2014 18:07

Hello dreamer friends,

less thank two weeks ago (24/7) I reported here my first lucid dream. It was by all accounts an amazing and totally new experience. However, I had my fears it was a one time thing and would not be able to repeat it. Some nice people in this forum reassured me that with time, patience and the use of appropriate methods, like WILD, I would be able to LD again. I usually wake once, about 6 hours into my night's sleep and I thought I could take advantage of this to have WILDs. A few times I did remember to think about this, and in a dimly, half-asleep way tried to bring myself into the dream state but alas! every time I would fall into a deep sleep, with normal dreams and without any awareness.

Last night I went to bed around 2pm and being tired and sleep-deprived, and fell into a deep sleep that lasted for at least 6 hours. Upon waking I thought briefly about inducing LD, but fell asleep again with normal dreams... then woke up again, feeling bit disappointed for another failure.... but at the same time I felt that I was not entirely awake... there was still some dream images floating behind my closed eyelids - I was somewhere between sleep and being awake. Feeling like this, I tried to drive my self softly into a full dream state, but somewhere during this process I lost control and fell asleep fully. And then a "normal" dream started: I was at a science meeting (I'm a scientist) at my hometown, Lisbon, only that it not look like Lisbon at all (quite normal in a dream). It's an interval between sessions and I'm taking a stroll in this Lisbon that is not Lisbon, and I noticed two suspicious guys following me. I became certain that will try to assault and rob me, so I start running in a very funny way (think Monty Python's "Ministry of the Silly Walks" :) ). Strange it was, but I ran fast and left my assailants far behind... and realize that I am totally lost and had no idea how to get back to meeting. I should note that at this point my worries about getting robbed and lost were real, I was not aware of being in a dream yet. After walking some more I found a friend whom I thought was in the meeting too. Before I had time to speak... BANG! I had this sudden realization I was dreaming and became lucid and awake in my dream. It was a sudden powerful feeling that felt like a shudder of excitement running through me. However, I decided to to tell him about this (after all he was a character in my dream) and instead ask him directions for the meeting... now I am looking at my friend with this "clinical eye" available in an LD, and notice that his face is morphing between different people like in my first LD. He tells me that he doesn't know how to get back to the meeting and that he actually is not participating. Now a second friend of mine appears, and the three of us are walking on a different part of town that looks like 19th century Paris. Somehow my first friend is gone, and I'm getting extremely excited about my lucid state. However, knowing that my 2nd friend is a bit of a mocking skeptic (this is truly the case in real life) and do not want to tell him outright that I'm dream for fear he will make fun of me. So I ask him: "How do you tell the difference between being awake and being in a dream?"... he laughed and replied: "What are you talking about?"... to which I responded: "You know, there are six possibilities: you can be dreaming and thinking you are awake. or your can be dreaming and think you are dreaming, or you can awake and...oh wait... that's not 6 possibilities... hmm... never many how many there are, let's move on" :D ... so I couldn't make myself count all the cases and decided instead to apologize for not being able to meet him the previous night has we had arranged to do (this was indeed the case in real life, we had planned this but I couldn't make it). The funny thing was that at same time I was thinking "Well, this is a good test to find if this is really a dream, later on in real world I will ask him if we ever had this conversation"... (one of the most amazing things I experience in LD dreams is the ability to completely separate thinking and talking... I can think "I'm gonna say this" and then say it... whereas in "normal" dreams is all a blur). At this point I had this dim awareness of my body lying in bed sleeping, this is for me another mark of me LDing. After apologizing to my friend, we kept walking in the city, and I was so excited about being awake in the dream that I had to tell him about it. I told him"I'm dreaming, this is all a dream and I'm awake in it... you see can look at the textures of things in detail, I can examine my environment in each and every detail in a way you cannot normally do within a dream". He had this slightly mocking, amused smile a bit like "What are you on ?" :D ... but I kept talking. And then I found this kind of stone archway with stairs going down and ending on a closed door. I told my friend: "You see, this is all a dream... this closed door, for instance, it could lead to any place, in dreams anything is possible. So I opened the door... and there as another door behind the first one!... I open the 2nd door, and there is a short fly of steps leading down to a small square with a high view over another part of the city - I am a bit disappointed, because I expected something much less connected with the place we had been before, something more crazy and dream-like. I then thought that my brain was making fun, I had expected something completely different and it had given me something almost the same!... :) ... Now in the small square there is an open horse carriage, but there no horses or driver. This is however not problem, as I tell my friend "Hey, let's have a ride in this horse carriage". We sit and I tell the non-existent driver "Takes us to the city center".... and the carriage starts forward at a brisks pace, and accelerating...(at this point I thought "My body is warm and cozy in my bed, everything is OK and there is no reason to wake up, I can be in this dream a lot longer, this will be fun!"... Now we are riding through the city, but there is a layer of water on the streets and we are skimming very fast on its surface, in a smooth sliding movement not at all like that of a wheeled vehicle. I tell my friend: "You see, this is really a dream, we are sliding over water on a carriage without horses or driver, and very fast"... Now we are skimming very very fast in narrow streets full of turns... as we approach a particularly fast turn I think "We are not gonna make it!" and so it was, we crashed through a house which exploded in a million of fragments flying in every direction. I turned to my friend and told him: "You see, this is exactly like a computer game!" (It is important to note that my friend is a game designer in real life). And then, without any warning whatsoever I wake up!

I feel that I learned a bit more about the LD state and how to better experience it. In this this second dream I had no control over my environment, I did not even think about effecting such control - maybe the dream was too short for me to even have time to think about it. However the awareness of being in a dream seems to completely remove any fears over what happens in the dream (I was never afraid of my fast carriage riding and crashing through a house).

Most of all, I am very glad that my fears over not being able to repeat the LD experience were unfunded.
Not only could I repeat it, but I have also learned a bit more about how to induce it. :)

Cheers and happy dreaming to all,

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Re: My second lucid dream :)

Postby Karin » 03 Aug 2014 22:17

Awesome! It is very cool that you got a second LD soon after the first one. I had to wait one year for that to happen... :lol:

I can't wait to read your next LD stories! :)

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Re: My second lucid dream :)

Postby shams » 05 Aug 2014 12:58

Cool. When will I get my first LD??

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Re: My second lucid dream :)

Postby HAGART » 09 Aug 2014 19:55

Not only did you have a 2nd one, but you remained calm enough to prolong it.

I've opened doors and windows to find another door or window behind it. Sometimes I find a brick wall! Not every door leads to an amazing dream scene for me, and in fact rarely do. But it's always amazing to wonder what you will find on the other side, perhaps even wishing something, only to be completely surprised by what your subconscious created for you. I've also noticed and am amazed that I can have an internal dialogue with myself, and speak in my mind, which feels different than speaking out loud in the dream. Our inner thoughts are separate from what's happening 'outside' in the dream, and yet isn't it all internal thoughts? Not every thought you have in your head will manifest itself in the dream. There is 'you', and then there is something creating the other objects in the dream space as if there is a duality of consciousness at work. We all know what it is, and call it conscious and subconscious, but it's never more obvious and puzzling to us than when in a lucid dream state.

I often, still to this day, encounter skeptic dream characters that don't believe it's a dream. There's no point in wasting an entire dream trying to convince them. They are so stubborn!
If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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