Lucid Nightmare

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Lucid Nightmare

Postby Je_rêve » 05 Aug 2014 02:38

Hi Everyone,

I have been trying to lucid dream for the last year, more or less successfully. The other night (without consciously trying to lucid dream before falling asleep) I think I had something like a 'lucid nightmare'. It started off as most of my lucid dreams do, I got off my bed and realized immediately that I was dreaming because certain things in my room were different. But this time, it was more like my subconscious influenced the scenery and action of my dream. I had control of where I was going/what I was doing but no control whatsoever about anyone or anything taking part in the dream.
To summarize it, the dream consisted of 5 parts, each of them starting off with me 'dream waking' and getting up, out of bed. The detail is not important, but it was always so off and so strange and scary that I wanted to wake up. In order to to this, the first time I slapped myself. I thought I'd woken up. Same thing happens again I wake up in a dream, leave my bed, realize I am still dreaming etc… the other 3 times I screamed 'wake up', jumped out off my window, ran into my sisters room. Same thing again, woke up in a dream again after trying those.
As I finally woke up my dream was still so extremely vivid and I was incredibly paranoid that I still hadn't woken up. I cannot remember ever having experienced anything like this. Usually I do like to let my lucid dream flow and kind of watch my subconscious as a bystander but this seemed completely off especially because of the frequent 'dream within a dream' experience.
Has anyone ever experienced anything like this?
Would love to hear about it!

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Re: Lucid Nightmare

Postby nesgirl » 05 Aug 2014 02:53

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Re: Lucid Nightmare

Postby Snaggle » 06 Aug 2014 05:39

I_Reve back to back false awakenings is a very common rare lucid dreaming experience. It's much more likely to happen to beginning lucid dreamers than experienced ones. This is not even close to a lucid nightmare; but anyone I've ever heard of them finds them annoying experiences and everyone doubts that they're really awake when they really finally are awake.

As for not having dream control, that too is a common experience. Control varies from LD to LD even if one normally has control in LD.
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