Releasing Negative Energy. Do YOU do this??

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Releasing Negative Energy. Do YOU do this??

Postby powerpath » 07 Aug 2014 18:35

If you have been on a personal development journey for the past few years you know how sensitive you are to "picking up" on energies in people and places.

In dealing with NEGATIVE ENERGY, list a few ways in which you have cleared this energy out of your house, car, office, etc. and what amazing results (if any) has this given you?

Let me know! :)
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Re: Releasing Negative Energy. Do YOU do this??

Postby Jackson » 11 Aug 2014 02:05

Where did you find negative energy?! Give me some of it and I might be able to create a wormhole that information can travel though, allowing us to make instant communication with an alien race! This is a major scientific discovery! You should be proud.

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Re: Releasing Negative Energy. Do YOU do this??

Postby HAGART » 11 Aug 2014 21:57

You mean Dark Energy, Jackson? I use to have some lying around the house, car and office, and I'd give you some, but I threw it away, and some garbage men took it to the dump, sorry. That was my method for removing it as part of my personal development journey. :mrgreen:

It took me a while.... but now I get Nesgirl's joke about RELEASING NEGATIVE food ENERGY! :lol:

Jokes aside, I know what powerpath is talking about. It's metaphorical and not to be taken literally, guys.
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Re: Releasing Negative Energy. Do YOU do this??

Postby jasmine2 » 24 Aug 2014 03:03

The following article has good suggestions for how to protect your energy from negative people.
- "4 Strategies To Survive Emotional Vampires" -

The author, Dr. Judith Orloff, is a very intuitive psychiatrist who has learned how to deal with her own vulnerabilities as an empath.
You can explore her website -

If I feel like I need to get rid of negative emotional energy I've picked up during the day, I like to listen to soothing music, or do some stretches and take a walk, or burn some incense, or do some cooking.

If some disturbing emotion seems to stick in my mind associated with, say, a tragic event on the evening news, I close my eyes and breath gently, then I imagine that I am offering the people and emotions involved in this event to a primordial, eternal, dream-world sun - a sacred awareness which radiates infinite wisdom and love and accepts all beings and things into itself.

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