Lucid dreams seem the same as my regular dreams

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Lucid dreams seem the same as my regular dreams

Postby Greenwillow » 08 Aug 2014 14:21

I'm new to lucid dreaming. I have had a few dreams now where I do my reality check and confirm that I am dreaming, but everything seems the same. No sudden clarity or discernible difference at all. The last time this happened I even confirmed with another person that I was dreaming by doing the fingers-through-the-palm reality check on them, then double confirmed by telling them that I can give them more proof that I am dreaming by making an elephant appear. "Look, over there. There'll be an elephant". We turned to face the direction I pointed and... there was an elephant.

I have always been a big dreamer, and always felt that my dreams are quite vivid; I can fly, eat, feel textures, temperatures and sensations, though not with any feeling of control over myself in the dream. I've always found it easy to remember my dreams without even trying to.

I'm perturbed that the quality and texture of my lucid dreams (if that is what they were) is the same as that of my regular dreams. So, am I lucid dreaming, or not quite there yet?

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Re: Lucid dreams seem the same as my regular dreams

Postby JonSnowLD » 19 Aug 2014 10:57

It sounds like your dreams are already very vivid without being lucid to begin with!

It definitely sounds like you're getting lucid though-maybe try shouting out 'clarity now' or something and expect the dream to get more vivid when you say it? Or just focus on doing awesome stuff in them :D

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Re: Lucid dreams seem the same as my regular dreams

Postby Jackson » 19 Aug 2014 16:46

I'm the exact same way. My normal dreams are easily as vivid as my lucid dreams, the only difference is that in the lucid dream I am able to "control" things. I was very disappointed by this when I first started to lucid dream, because I had read so mch about this instant clarity. I wanted to solve this problem, so I made a dream intent to make my dreams clearer. I met a DC, had a conversation, and he taught me how to clarify the dream. He told me to clarify each of my senses you have to focus on them for a breif period of time. And so I began to do so, focusing on little details with each of my senses, one after another. And it worked. And now because I do that all the time I have very vivid lucid dreams. Also, I can do this thing wherein I imagine I am an eagle with perfect vision, making everything have very sharp, defined lines. In real life I have 20:450 vision, and before I realized this I had started lucid dreaming. My vision was always like this and so I had never seen clearly, and as a result my dream vision was bad. Eventually, with lenses, I corrected in real life and in dream life I corrected using the technique above. :D. Happy dreaming! :)

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Re: Lucid dreams seem the same as my regular dreams

Postby Volox » 19 Aug 2014 18:47

hey I have a similar Problem but I think you are missing the part where you stabilize the dream. Rub your hands, think about that you're in a dream and spin on the spot for a while (this tip is from LaBerge btw). I hope I could help you, fellow freshman! :)

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