The Power of Joy

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The Power of Joy

Postby powerpath » 18 Aug 2014 20:43

"Seriousness is simply a sickness of the soul, but sincerity is altogether a different phenomenon." - OSHO

Serious people cannot laugh, cannot play, and cannot dance. Seriousness is a disease that gives rise to repression and hence the serious person is always controlling himself, and becomes a jailer to himself.

On the other hand, the sincere person can rejoice, can laugh sincerely, and can dance sincerely.

In laughter your body joins, your mind joins, and your being joins. Ultimately the divisions disappear, and the schizophrenic personality also disappears.

Laughter is rejuvenation for it brings your energy back to you.

In modern day society precedence has been given to seriousness. This seriousness isn't real, it's more of society's version of "do not express yourself and be human". It is a conditioning, and it is also repression. For people have become so used to being stone cold and rigid that they have become afraid of life, of living, of total expression and love.

The Serious Trap is a herd mentality in which the overall sentiment is that we should do our best to not look like idiots. Unfortunately this is the same conditioning from childhood in which our parents and teachers have been conditioning us to do what were told.

In the wise words of OSHO - creativity has been the greatest rebellion in existence. To be creative is to take full reins of your humanity and to not give it up for the institutions that want to keep you shackled into a machine, where ultimately you are a number in "the herd".

To quote OSHO:

"Your creativity brings freedom, strength, intelligence and consciousness.

We need a great respect for creative people of any dimension.

And we should learn how to transform our energies so that they are not repressed, so that they are expressed in your love, in your laughter, in your joy."
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Re: The Power of Joy

Postby LucidityMaster » 25 Aug 2014 02:12

I personally believe most people take the miraculous universe we inhabit for granted.

From a scientific perspective, life is incredible.

Think about it.

We are animals communicating on a forum, in a vast galaxy, among billions of other galaxies.

What is their not to be joyful about?

Seriously, people need to learn to let loose.

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Re: The Power of Joy

Postby Summerlander » 25 Aug 2014 12:16

It was hypocritical of Osho to speak about sincerity. You do know he was a charlatan for most of his life, don't you? For most of his life he got his followers to take his babble SERIOUSLY and all the while he was having fun and not taking himself seriously in insincerity.

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