Reality Check

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Reality Check

Postby QueenNoir » 18 Aug 2014 21:10

What are some good reality checks that you do during the day and how many times a day do you perform these reality checks?

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Re: Reality Check

Postby Jackson » 18 Aug 2014 21:25

My favourite reality checks are; 1-Counting my fingers ( if there are more than or less than 5 or if your fingers look distorted and, "ghostlike" I know it's a dream), 2- Plugging my nose with my fingers and trying to breathe through my nose. Usually at least one of those proves that I am in a dream. Or if I am awake, that I am awake.

As for how many times a day, it's a bit harder to answer because the number can vary so greatly, although I would say, on average about 10-12 per day. Happy dreaming! :)

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Re: Reality Check

Postby QueenNoir » 18 Aug 2014 21:37

Those are some good ones. Thanks for sharing!

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Re: Reality Check

Postby GalMutzafy » 19 Aug 2014 15:32

I look at my hands for like 10-20 seconds and ask myself if I am dreaming, right after it I plug my nose and try to breath three times.

i do it every hour (If I remember to, sometimes I recall it a big later but I try).
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Re: Reality Check

Postby Alien874 » 20 Aug 2014 23:09

I usually count my fingers, see my hand and try to read something. I make about 10 or more reality checks during the day.
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Re: Reality Check

Postby Xtreme_Walrus » 25 Aug 2014 01:42

My favorite one's are looking at my hands, looking at a clock, and plugging my nose, in that order. The reason I put the nose one last is because it doesn't always work for me. Looking at a clock twice to see if it changes is the most sure-fire one for me, however, it is a lot easier to look at your hands.
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