I can't really....GET it.

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I can't really....GET it.

Postby Briibuscus » 15 May 2012 02:59

Err...this is gonna be a little hard to explain, but....

I've been practicing reality checks, dream recall, and other things for the last 2 months now. But, whenever I get to the point of sleeping, my mind just shuts down all the information I've researched, and all the things I've been doing to try to lucid dream, and it just gives up. I shrug it off, say I'll try the next night, and go into a normal dream.

But when I do try, I get confused. When I begin to get into the hypnagogic state, suddenly my mind freaks out, and I start thinking about what will happen, then I get scared that I'm doing it all wrong. My mind gets so dizzy and worried that I have to wake myself back up from this state and, well, sleep normally.

How can I get myself to be determined to try? I know it's only been two months, but, I've gotten no progress done. The only thing I kind of did improve was remembering my dreams; I can remember them much more vividly than I used to. But will this help me?

I just need some advice on how to get more determined when it comes to trying to lucid dream. I feel like it'll never happen in my life. :/

By the way, will taking melatonin before bed affect my ability to lucid dream? My mom makes me take it because my doctor told me I get stressed because of my lack of sleep.

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Re: I can't really....GET it.

Postby torakrubik » 15 May 2012 21:43

Being apprehensive about advanced hypnogogia is perfectly normal. You're just going to have to swallow your fear and go with it i'm afraid. But, once you've done that you shouldn't be nervous again :)
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